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Queen Elizabeth, who had lived her whole life concealing the cruelty and violence of the empire, now does the same with her shy daughter.

Wandia Njoya, a scholar, Kenyan educator and social activist, recently described the Kenyan government as “an impressive British”. He talks about how Kenya’s fraudulent practice also led to monarchies in the UK and throughout Europe. Speaking to him, a well-known Kenyan expert, Kenyan naturalist and naturalist, Mordecai Ogada, author of The Big Conservation Lie, an article on colonialism that still carries out the “wildlife conservation work” in Kenya, says that “royal families grew from in the royal family, torturing many people. ”They also see Kenya as part of the UK authorities.

But because of its alliance with imperialism and colonialism, the House of Windsor, or as it was known before the first world war, before its German roots became a public affair, the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha House, managed to move up. controversy. It has evolved into a global drama of beautiful, uncooperative kings – if they are racists – old princes, family conflicts in beautiful grand palaces, all led by elderly bishops who are interested in devoting themselves to traditions and activities. . The needs of this well-kept modern story are stories written by Dr Njoya and Dr Ogada, or even mentioning the cruelty, death, abduction and rape that were, and to a large extent continue, the meaning of the monarchy and his legacy.

This is where Queen Elizabeth II’s recent idea to cut off her second son, Andrew, comes to the fore. Although he was not the first to lose “the military and the royal aides” – the queen’s granddaughter, Prince Harry, his wife and his last mother were deprived of another royal privilege after a divorce – as Andrew explains. The dismissal of a federal prosecutor in York resulted in the failure of a U.S. court to dismiss a case of child abuse. The queen is trying to isolate herself and the kingdom from the stench that may exist in the case, as she did when she first agreed to have an affair with Jeffrey Epstein who was found guilty. However, we can also say that he has been trying all his life to get away, not only because of the badness of his children and bad behavior, but also because of the bad reputation of his family and his reputation.

In his famous 21-year-old birthday present in 1947 from Cape Town, where he accompanied his sick father George VI on a royal tour of South Africa and Rhodesia, the recently departed queen began the work of her grandmother George V. he also called the couple, to change the empire as, in the words of its secret author, “the force of life on the well-being that affects the interests and health of all parties”. He also described the people who would rule in the future as members of our “great royal family” who would give their whole lives, and restore the fallen empire as a good and free alliance of sovereign states – the “old” world – and the kingdom. his head.

However, from the beginning of his reign, the Empire became as brutal as ever, committing horrific terrorists in a country where he had heard of the death of his father – Kenya. Here, the project, not only to seize colonial wealth by brutality, torture, killings and imprisonment of protesters, but also to clean up and hide the truth, will reach apogee. It is important to note that she did not publicly criticize or apologize for her government’s actions, in her name as queen, during the Mau Mau tragedy. Like all his authority, he was content to see this disgraceful history systematically hidden and destroyed.

This is exactly what he is doing with Andrew’s closure – even though he still has limited opportunities and has taken up his position as a “state counselor”, which allows him to carry out his duties if he is in need. History can, however, be challenging and unpredictable. In his later years, he was exposed to the dangers of British royal history and his legacy, as well as to his own family, so that he could set up his property and walk in the sunset peacefully.

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