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Leak provides a preview of Microsoft’s Andromeda OS ban on dual devices

In the presence of Microsoft , the company spent several years working on a machine gun called Andromeda. It is considered a relaunch of Windows Phone and a . The company used the app until it decided to integrate Android on the Surface Duo. So far, we have only seen a little bit of Andromeda in things like patent protection. Koma Windows Central soon found an operating bracelet and put it on a .

Slowly out of the unfinished project, which is interesting to see Andromeda after all these years and how many ideas Microsoft has worked on then went to the Surface Duo or programs the company has released since then. On the lock screen, for example, you can see the old version of . In the meantime, most of the items you see on the “Journal” home screen eventually came to the Whiteboard company program, and it’s something you can download from the public. .

At the same time, it is interesting to see what it would be like. Although the app is still unfinished, there are many features we see in the video that are quite different from what Android and iOS offer, even today. The fact that Andromeda allows you to record notes on the lock screen, and that they would still be there sometime when you unlocked the phone, is something that seems helpful.

Obviously, there are a number of reasons why Microsoft chose not to follow Andromeda. Introducing a device that does something different, let alone new technology, is not an easy task in a mature market. Unless the device performs all the right things, it is difficult to deal with the fact that most people tend to stick to the things they know and are comfortable with.

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