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Qatar Airways is escalating a dispute with Airbus after aircraft manufacturer lost $ 6bn

Qatar Airways has escalated a dispute with Airbus by releasing a video showing its crash, the latest salvo in a growing dispute after the airline manufacturer lost $ 6bn.

Photos released by a Gulf plane on Friday appeared to show damage to its larger Airbus A350 aircraft, including photographs that stripped the body.

Qatar Airways said it had “serious and legitimate concerns”, citing a number of problems including errors that left lightning bolts visible and damaged, as well as damage around the rivets on the aircraft fuselage.

The Qatar Airways flight came just hours after Airbus refused to import a new $ 6bn aircraft, surprisingly by aircraft manufacturer.

The European airline confirmed on Friday that it had terminated the contract of its 50 well-known A321neo aircraft with the Gulf carrier. Unilateral ban orders are Airbus or Boeing rival in the US is very unusual. In the few cases that have occurred, it has been because payment times have not been met, or the plane has entered insolvency.

“Restrictions are not uncommon in these companies. The restrictions imposed by the original manufacturer are very unusual,” said Sash Tusa, a researcher at Agency Partners in London. It shows how “the relationship between Airbus and Qatar Airways has been”.

In response, Qatar Airways said it would pursue its plans, and said Airbus had “taken the idea further and expanded the conflict”.

Shares in Airbus fell 2 percent to € 113.40 on the nearby market on Friday.

This comes at a time when the two companies are embroiled in litigation in the London High Court over the type of A350 aircraft.

Qatar last month announced that it was against Airbus on what he described as the “high damage” of the A350. The aircraft, operating 34 A350-900s and 19 A350-1000s, has banned 21 of its aircraft. on the instructions of the pilot. It also has 23 other invitees but has also suspended shipping during the dispute.

Akbar Al Baker, Qatar Airways chief executive, has launched a bitter campaign against Airbus over land issues.

The air force has maintained that the risk of land crashes is unplanned, a review supported by the EU Aviation Safety Agency.

Airbus has previously stated that it has identified the cause of the problem and is working with clients to provide feedback. Some A350 customers have experienced similar, albeit minor, difficulties, according to people who are familiar with the subject. No other airline has banned their flights.

Qatar seeks to resolve the dispute during the Fifa World Cup which kicks off in November, adding people close to the crisis.

The contract for the A321neo aircraft began in December 2017. It was announced at the time that it had a price tag, at an average price, of $ 6.3bn.

Demand for Airbus A320 family aircraft has grown significantly as the companies emerge from the coronavirus epidemic. The airline has moved to repair what was left over the last 18 months. The company last year issued 264 bans, of which the largest was the 88 A320s from Norwegian Air.

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