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7 Best Garmin Watches (2022): Which Is Best for Running, Cycling, and More


In certain circles, the word “Garmin” is less a brand name than a category definer, like “Q-Tip” or “Band-Aid.” From casual hikers to nationally ranked professional or amateur athletes, anyone who loves outdoor sports can glean useful information from the bevy of sensors, safety features, and sophisticated software that come with every Garmin watch. A few other fitness trackers have come close to replicating Garmin’s durability, wearability, and reliability, but the company remains the industry standard. Unlike, say, and Apple WatchGarmins also work with both iPhones and Android phones.

Many features that only recently debuted on other fitness trackers, like sleep tracking, blood oxygen measurements, and fall detection, have been on Garmin watches for years. In 2022, Garmin released four new fitness trackers, which I’ve spent months testing. In addition, my years of Garmin experience means that I confidently believe that I know which Garmin is best for you.

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