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17 Best Mac Apps To Download Now: Free and Offered


As far as operating systems, Apple’s macOS computers are stable and functional, but sometimes they seem insufficient. Apple doesn’t listen to its customers very often, they stubbornly refuse to add simple features that can make the platform easy to use. Apple Apple’s apps often lack the functionality we expect from other apps. From what Apple has shown us in portrait of Monterey, the next big MacOS update, some of the omissions will soon be over.

Fortunately, there are programs that can be downloaded that can solve these problems. I have collected the best Mac apps that help me almost every day. Some are for niche use, but others create gaps in vanilla MacOS. Most of these programs are not free, but many have free trials that you can see when you decide to buy or not. It is also common for them to connect to other apps on your iPhone. See the list below and give it a try. These MacOS apps can just make your life a little easier.

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Updated October 2021: We’ve changed prices and added two new apps that we love.

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To Feel Better User


Photo: Alfred

Yes, you can use it Share View on MacOS to see two programs on one side, but nowhere else in nature as is the case with Microsoft Windows, where you can drag a window and install it. This app costs $ 3 if you don’t want to interrupt and change windows on a regular basis. Magnetic it’s another good way to do the same.

If you ever tapped your finger on the trackpad in a video or YouTube video to stop the window from falling asleep over and over again (or maybe when you slow down for a while), you will appreciate the app that gives you the opportunity to keep a screen for other activities. Works with external displays. Obviously, you can still love what you like to change the visuals and hard disk, but it can be easily tedious.

The search engine optimization tool for MacOS isn’t bad, but there is room for it to get deeper. Alfred is another highly paid method that gives you the opportunity to create shortcuts on order and write folders, initiate rules for writing, create action patterns that start with a push of a button or a written word, and, more. It’s free, but you can pay 29 British pounds (about $ 40) for a single license to use a full 4.0 or 49 British pounds (about $ 67) for the entire free trial version of Alfred’s next version.

AdGuard’s robust MacG software gives you the option to select and modify several filters to prevent TV add-ons, ads, URL links, and more. It works not only on your browser but also on other applications that you have installed. There is a free two-week test, but you will have to pay for a ticket to use after the exam. For $ 2.49 a month, you use three tools at a time.

To Get to Know You Better


Photo: Ulysses

Tired of paying for Microsoft Office, unaffected by Apple office default suite, and incapacitated or unwilling to change completely to Google’s Su Su on the cloud at any cost? Download LibreOffice, a full-fledged app that incorporates custom applications, such as a voice processor and a spreadsheet editor. It is fully compatible with all Microsoft brands, including heritage types such as .doc. It is an open source and does not use anything, not even advertising. To enjoy, give less money when you are done love and use a lot.

I love the vivid wording of Ulysses and the clear form in writing long stories, and it is also good for numbers, honors, poems, and essays. It removes all unnecessary images, buttons, and preferences and allows you to focus on your work. You can get a free trial before you pay for the registration. (You can choose $ 6 per month instead of an annual subscription plan.) If you can opt out, the iOS app is paired with the MacOS version.

Mountains 2

Photo: Quote-Unquote Apps

Highland is a clear, well-documented piece designed primarily for visual and theater performances, but there are also templates for other things, such as new writing. The interesting thing is that it can modify the entries that have been sent to industrialized companies, and there is a new gender monitoring tool that destroys a number of lines mentioned by those mentioned, divided by gender. The original version is free, but buy one $ 50 network once you change and much more.

Writing a story is meditative, but if you’re like me and your writing looks like a rock-drawn SOS message, you avoid writing on paper. Day One is a great digital recorder that allows you to upload photos, save speech, and send your pricing in a variety of ways, such as PDFs. Your entries are encrypted end-to-end, kept private, and protected by a passcode or biometric as well. There is a free form, but it is very cheap, so it is better to pay $ 35 a year for the full amount.

Working in a noisy, or quiet, environment can be very disruptive. Dark Dark gives you the opportunity to blend in with its 50 built-in sounds to create this amazing listening experience, whether “good” for you with raindrops falling on a tent or a boxer’s love crashing through a window. Even if you are not struck by a word, the quiet background noise can enhance your interest.

To Get A Better View

VLC Media Player


If you are looking for a heavy-duty image viewer that gives you the opportunity to edit and view metadata, batalog-process catalogs for RAW files, and set up the only way to sort and organize images, then go to ApolloOne. This is a program for great artists — or people who take a lot of pictures and want to organize them. The free version has limits on what you can do, but it’s a great way to see if you want to pay $ 20 to feel better. The other way is XnView MP (free).

Lightweight viewer, the app does not come with all the options and some advanced software, but it is best to use if you do not need all of these. Xee³ is clean, like the default MacOS viewers, but it gives you the ability to search for photo folders and move photos easily. For $ 4, it’s yours for the rest of your life. It reminds me of Windows Photo Viewer – in a very good way.

An oldie since 2001, this is a video game that is continuously supported. It works with a ton of files and codecs, though allowing you to switch from one file to another, and gives you a number of audio and video formats for creating small raw or large files. If you download too many movies, it is not a functionality. It is also an open source, so be careful and give less money to the manufacturer if you can use it more.

From the people who brought us Evernote, Skitch major MacOS ‘Screenshot software. Once you take a screenshot of the app window, another section on the screen, or the entire screen, you can customize and edit with arrows, shapes, text, and much more. You can also create pixelate (create distortion) image layers to hide more private information, or to expose it.

To Be United

Paprika Secret Manager

Photo: Paprika App

Filing folders is text, and sorting your files instead doesn’t end up because you have to do it over and over again when using your computer. That’s where Hazel intervenes. You can tell who can manage – say, your Download Folder – and it simply moves the files into new folders and finds the name, date, type, page of origin, and much more. Newly created or downloaded files are moved automatically. It’s a one-time purchase.

Instead of logging in to your entire email account, traffic, and TV media with browser tabs, you can connect them all to Shift. This means having only one window open for all your activities. You can connect Gmail, Slack, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Spotify, Google Docs, and more (plus Chrome extras!). The Top Section opens anything you want, for $ 119 a year. Try the free (and free) section first.

You’re drowning in packages. Fixing everything is difficult, and it is annoying to know that if you miss an email or your delivery date changes, a burglar may come with your luggage. The app gives you a clean, durable environment (FedEx purple, UPS purple, and more) to track your delivery and the exact dates of your entire package. It all changes on its own! Shipping has changed to the type of subscription rates recently. You have to pay $ 5 a year or 99 cents a month.

Keep the pages simple and Paprika makes them uniform. All of your recipes are in folders, and you can use apps to view ingredients when you cook and upload or download essential ingredients in a variety of colors. There is an iOS app, but you need to purchase it separately for $ 5. It is also available on Windows and Android at similar prices, respectively, so you can sync recipes on multiple platforms.

Some Good Tools

In addition to improving performance, you should also strengthen your security. It has nothing to do with using a Mac and anything to do with using multiple computers and phones. To prevent data theft and theft, I encourage you to pay a virtual machine (VPN).

Also, the same password you put in your hundreds of accounts? It is easy for the fugitive to think. Download the password manager, which creates complex, secure, and unique passwords on each page (I remember them all).


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