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The establishment of space in Iran fails to invest much in the following ways: Official | Stories

Thursday setup failed to put its three charges in orbit after the rocket failed to reach the required speed.

Iran is initiating space Thursday failed to put its three charges in the orbit rocket after failing to reach the required speed, a Security Ministry spokesman said in a statement on state television.

Establishment experiments, which took place as US-Iran foreign talks took place in Austria to try to save 2015 nuclear deal, criticized by US, Germany and France.

“For the payroll to get in the way, it has to run faster than 7,600 [metres per second]. We have reached 7,350, “the spokesman, Ahmad Hosseini, said in a press release on state television and posted online on Friday.

On Thursday, Hosseini did not elaborate on whether the weapons had reached orbit, but also said that its deployment was a test before attempting to put satellites into orbit.

Iran, one of the largest missile launchers in the Middle East, has been hit several times by satellite launchers in recent years because of technology.

Washington has said it is concerned about Iran’s development of aviation, and the German ambassador said Berlin had asked Iran to stop sending satellites into space, adding that it violated a United Nations Security Council resolution.

France said Friday the launch of a rocket aimed at sending three missile missiles into space was a violation of UN rules and was “very unfortunate” as negotiations on nuclear weapons with world powers continued.

“These actions are very unfortunate because they come at a time when we are making progress in the nuclear talks in Vienna,” the French foreign minister said.

“We urge Iran to refrain from launching nuclear weapons, including nuclear weapons.”

Tehran denies that its airspace is to undermine the development of missiles or that it violates a UN resolution.

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