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American actress Betty White dies at 99 | Obituaries Issues

American comedian and actress Betty White, whose main work has spanned decades, has died at the age of 99, US journalists say.

Jeff Witjas, White’s assistant and close friend, told People magazine in a words Friday that “even though Betty was almost 100 years old, I thought she would live forever”.

“I will miss her very much and the animals she loves so much. I don’t think Betty was afraid to go because she always wanted to be with her beloved husband Allen Ludden. She hopes she will be with him again,” said Witjas.

When it comes to legal protection, TMZ initially reports that White died at his home Friday morning, less than three weeks before turning 100 on January 17.

The Washington Post also confirmed White’s death, citing his aide. No fatal cause was reported, the newspaper said.

White, on the right, played Rose Nylund at The Golden Girls, which took place in the 1980s and 90s. [Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank]

Perhaps best known for her memorable performances on “The Golden Girls” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, a work that White did for decades paved the way for some comedians and actresses in the United States.

In a youth-run industry where the 40-year-old actor often encounters the darkness of the work, White remained a star in his 60s and became a celebrity in the 80’s and 90s.

Playing on her upcoming romance, White was still involved in the TV sitcom “Hot in Cleveland” at the age of 92, until she was fired at the end of 2014.

White said his longevity was due to his good health, good fortune and passion for his job.

“It’s amazing that I’m still in this business and that you’re paying me,” White said at the 2018 Emmy Awards ceremony, where he was honored for his long career. “It’s amazing that you can stay in work for a long time but people are enduring you. I wish they would do it at home.”

In his last Twitter post on December 28, White shared a recent interview he gave to People magazine less than a century later.

He also said he was “fortunate to be healthy and feel good” at his age, to say in the US that he was “born with a stable hope”.

He says: “I received it from my mother, and it has not changed. “I always get the best.”

Born Betty Marion White on January 17, 1922, in Oak Park, Illinois, her family moved to Los Angeles during the Great Depression, where she attended Beverly Hills High School.

White began his entertaining career in radio in the late 1930s, and by 1939 he got him to start singing on TV on the experiment in Los Angeles. After working in the American Women’s Voluntary Service, which supported US efforts during World War II, she was based in Hollywood on Television, a five-hour full-time show, in 1949.

A few years later she became a pioneer in television and re-founded the production company and worked as a co-founder, producer and star of the 1950s sitcom “Life Is Elizabeth”.

Through the 1960s and early 70s, White made frequent appearances on television, featured the annual Rose Parade Tournament and appeared on games such as Match Game, and Password. She married Allen Ludden, her third and last husband, in 1963.

Mary Tyler Moore, Betty White, Gavin McLeod and other actors at the Mary Tyler Moore show.White won Emmys’ most important award in 1975 and 1976 for her role in The Mary Tyler Moore Show. [CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images]

White excelled at The Mary Tyler Moore Show, starring in the infamous Sue Ann Nivens television program, whose credo was “a woman who does a good job in the kitchen and will surely reap the rewards in other parts of the house.”

White won the Emmys Best Actress in 1975 and 1976. She also won another 1986 Emmy for The Golden Girls, a sitcom of four senior ladies living in Miami that showcased the many years that are rarely shown on American television.

White was also nominated for a six-time Emmy for portraying the widow of Rose Nylund, the sweet, unconscious and gentle Midwesterner, at the show, which ran from 1985 to 1992 and was one of the most recognizable instruments of her time.

Payments came to White after the news of his death was heard Friday afternoon.

“RIP Betty White, constructive [Saturday Night Live] a guest I saw was entertained at the next party, “Seth Meyers, SNL student and Late Night director and Seth Meyers, he wrote on Twitter. “The party he ordered vodka with was a hotdog and he stayed until the end of the ordeal.”

Actor and director Henry Winkler he said it was “very hard to hear” the news of White’s death, but he thanked her for the “humor, warmth and encouragement”.

Player George Takei he explained White as a “national treasure” and urged people to put him in the middle of the night. White “has connected with the sky to impress the stars with their looks, humor, and beauty”, Takei wrote on Twitter.

Comedian Kathy Griffin too he said“She was as sharp and humorous as she was soft and smart and even if the world continued to move, there would be only one Betty White.”

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