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Palestinian demonstrations in Israel show ‘unprecedented’ agreement Conflicts between Israel and Palestine Issues


Last week, Israel incursions joining the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the invasion of East Jerusalem by Sheikh Jarrah continued, while cruel to Israel of war in the closed town of Gaza has left many Palestinians dead.

But a strange phenomenon has also taken place in Israel, as thousands of Palestinian citizens in towns, villages and cities have gone to the streets claiming to be living and living in an independent Jewish state.

“Surprisingly, during ’48 [modern-day Israel, with reference to the 1948 declaration of the state]”Palestinians, who have been neglected or regarded as ‘Israeli Arabs’, reiterate their claim to be Palestinians,” said Layla Hallaq, a Palestinian activist in Haifa.

Hallaq told Al Jazeera that the current protests were “unprecedented” and were known by a coalition of Palestinians within Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, as well as in other countries.

“Their demonstrations are not just about unity, but are one of the causes of unity and pain among every Palestinian.”

Israeli forces have arrested a group of Israeli Palestinians in Lydd on May 13 [Ahmad Gharabli/AFP]

About one-fifth of the population of Israel, Palestinian citizens of Israel have about 1.6 million people today.

Unlike many Palestinians, who were Washed among the nations with the pre-establishment of the Zionist army and at the time of the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, these Palestinians are descendants of those who managed to remain in their towns or villages or to flee their homes.

They are sometimes referred to as the “Palestinians of 1948” because of where they live in the region that they forcibly took over to establish the state of Israel. The section is also described as being “within the Green Line”, referring to the line that liberates Israel from Palestinian occupied territories.

Although they are citizens of Israel, civil rights groups have them Notes a number of Israeli laws that discriminate against Palestinian citizens around the world on a number of issues, including education, housing, political participation and the right approach. They are treated as second and third citizens.

Great shows

Last week, Palestinian demonstrations took place in towns and cities across Israel, from the Naqab (Negev) in the south, to Ramla, Yafa and Lydd (Lod in Hebrew) in the interior, to the “Triangle”. Hifa and Nazareth in the north.

Protesters protested in Palestine families at Sheikh Jarrah, who are facing recent deportations, as well as against the Israeli offensive to the Al-Aqsa camp, which has left hundreds of Palestinians wounded.

This is not the first time that Palestinian citizens of Israel have opposed Israeli policy.

In 1976, six Palestinians were killed and executed for protesting the occupation of Israel – an incident known as World Day and is commemorated annually on March 30. In October 2000, 13 Palestinians were shot when he joined the Second Intifada, launched by former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on a trip to Al-Aqsa.

However, the history of Israel followed the principles of the sharing of Palestinian people under their control, both within the country and in the Palestinian territories, and created demonstrations to strengthen Palestinian alliance in various difficult Palestinian territories.

But experts say the ongoing protests within Israel show how Palestinians are connected.

“Recent developments reflect not only the unity of the colonial system, but also the unity of the Palestinian struggle,” Nimer Sultany, a law professor at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Study, told Al Jazeera.

“Like other demonstrations of the past, such as in October 2000, protesters in Palestine instead of 1948 expressed the need to address the anti-colonial war.”

The photo shows hot cars and a garbage can in Lod city on May 13th [Ahmad Gharabli/AFP]

‘Colonial motive’

The Sultany said that Israel’s attitude toward keeping a Most Jews within the Green Line is no different from their census expertise in West Bank and East Jerusalem, where it works to extradite Palestinians from their countries and he forced the presence of the Jews instead.

“The intention of the colonialists to establish ‘Jewish rule’ or ‘Jewish rule’ by Judaizing Palestine is the same in the West Bank and East Jerusalem as in Naqab (Negev), al-Jalil (Galilee), ‘mixed cities’, and Triangle,” he said.

One example is Lydd, a city some 15 miles[25 km]from Tel Aviv, which has now become a major exhibition center. The city, formerly inhabited by 19,000 Palestinians before the establishment of Israel, was ransacked by the majority of its inhabitants in July 1948. More than 200 were killed in the recent assassination, former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

Lydd today has a population of 77,000, 30% of whom are Palestinians. For centuries, Palestinian citizens have spoken out against racism and xenophobia. Jewish settlers also leave the West Bank since 2004, provoking controversy.

Israeli Palestinian citizens display and raise Palestinian flags at the funeral of Mousa Hassouna at Lydd’s central city near Tel Aviv, May 11 [AFP]

On May 10, as controversy he grew up in East Jerusalem due to Israel’s pressure to expel Palestinian families and attack Al-Aqsa, a Palestinian flag was hung on a stake instead of Israel at Lydd. That same night, a Palestinian resident named Moussa Hassouna was murdered by a Jewish visitor. The mourners attacked his funeral the next day.

Violent clashes erupted, with Jewish activists boarding buses from the West Bank.

Mayor Yair Revivo, who is accused of inciting Palestinian people and is close to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, last week said he had abandoned the city. On May 11, Revivo met with Netanyahu, who had declared a state of emergency in Lydd – the first since 1966. At least 16 Israeli border police teams have also been deployed.

“The Jewish state will not allow the killing of our citizens,” Netanyahu said in a televised address on Saturday night. “We will not allow our Jewish citizens to be killed … At the same time, we will not allow Jews to take over the law and attack innocent Arabs.”

Permanent violence

But when Israeli police say a suspect in Hassouna’s murder has been arrested, Israeli Defense Minister Amir Ohana has called for the release of the perpetrator.

“The arrest of an archer in Lod and his friends, who were apparently defensive, is dangerous,” Ohana said. He said. “Law-abiding citizens who take up arms against the government are a threat to public order.

Fadi Abu Kishek, Hassouna’s neighbor in Lydd, told Al Jazeera that the men were coming from outside the city “and burning Palestinian cars, attacking a mosque, destroying our graves, and marching on Palestinian settlements”.

The groups are made up of right-wing Fascist groups such as Lehava, Hilltop Youth, and football clubs La Familia and Beitar Yerushalayim, and sometimes Israeli citizens from cities intervene, Abu Kishek said.

“The settlers encourage and revolt, the Palestinians respond by defending themselves,” he said. [and] “Police arrive and begin firing on the Palestinians,” he said. “That’s what we’re fighting for.”

Jamal Abu Kasher, a resident of Lydd, looks at one of the destroyed tombs in a Muslim cemetery on May 14, 2021 [Heidi Levine/AP Photo]

Some cities witnessed the uprising of occupied Jewish groups, some of whom marched through the streets protected by Israeli police, shouting “Death to the Arabs”.

In Bat Yam, a city in the midst of Israel, the crowd was brutally murdered a Palestinian man on a television screen in Israel, where videos and photos shared on footage show Palestinian homes and families being destroyed in front of their children in Haifa and Akka (Acre). Two Palestinian children were also badly burned when Molotov’s cocktails were thrown from their family home in the Ajami area of ​​Yafa.

Adalah, the legal capital of Palestinian citizens of Israel, also said that Israeli Jews on the far right had been using the media to justify their threats in recent days, and had sent messages to each other saying they “wanted to kill Palestinians”.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, has expressed her displeasure over the violence that has erupted in Israel.

“I am particularly concerned about reports that Israeli police have failed to intervene when Palestinian civilians are being brutally tortured, and that loudspeakers are being used by right-wing groups to mobilize people to bring ‘weapons, knives, clubs, pistols’ against civilians. of Palestine of Israel, ”Bachelet He said.

So far, at least 800 Palestinian citizens in Israel – including many children – have been detained for a week, according to Janan Abdo’s lawyer. “Most of the detainees need medical attention, as well as head injuries,” Abdo said in a statement.

The existence of a ‘lie’

Both Hallaq and Sultany declined to describe the ongoing violence as “civil strife”, a statement he said did not recognize the powerful inequalities between Israel as a colonial power, and the colonial Palestinians.

“What we saw last week is the natural reaction of people who have been held captive, oppressed, surrounded and ostracized for 73 years,” Hallaq said. “This is a government-sanctioned operation against a small number of Palestinians within Israel,” Sultany added.

For Abu Kishek, a resident of Lydd, Israel’s recent protests have led to a recognition of the oppression of Palestinians throughout the ancient Palestinian territories – destroying the very existence of so-called “mixed” cities within Israel.

“The one-on-one saying goes west and is an absolute lie,” he said.

“Israel has divided the past, the future and the future. They do for us what we should thank them for allowing us to live here, when this is our country.”


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