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Lucifer’s DB Woodside Tells the Amenadiel Mother’s Experiment


DB Woodside as Amenadiel

DB Woodside as Amenadiel
Figure: Netflix

The new era of Lucifer arrives May 28 and the second half of season 5 and a complete system of eight.

The show is over, player DB Woodside he took advantage of the opportunity to change dishes on TVline What fans can expect between Amenadiel (Woodside) and Linda (Rachel Harris), while discussing her improvement.

The last season ended on a big mountain with Amenadiel and Lucifer arguing with Michael and Maze. But in nonviolent matters, Amenadiel is now a father, and Linda is a newborn Momma. He was furious when he realized that his son was human, and Woodside was talking about the man who was doing the work. “Beyond her own shame or unrealistic expectations, she is afraid, as she says, because her child will grow old, her child will be weak, her child will be a target. That is what can make every parent nervous.”

That is to say, Amenadiel has made a good relationship with Linda and will continue to be a single parent. “Amenadiel and Linda have formed a very good relationship and have done the same thing. I think they are friends forever, and I just love all these things with Rachael [Harris]. They will have the opportunity to be parents, but I don’t think Amenadiel would ask for a better friend than Dr. Linda. ”

As for correction, Woodside was a little nervous when it came to criticizing many people. He realized that you see things differently when you are a player against a director. “As a director it was different, because as an actor, if I’m in one or two places, I just worry about what I’m doing, right? As a director, I control all the visions, and sometimes actors can come in a little space with ideas. very few misunderstandings fit into the big picture. ”

For me, Amen it has one of the best redemption items on the list — and I’m not ready for the show to end. Lucifer I’ve been in the wild from beginning to end, and I’ve been touched by a lot of pronouns. * Sighs * I think all good things should end (though not here). In the meantime, I look forward to seeing Woodside develop as a director.

Second phase 5 season 5 First May 28 on Netflix!

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