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Melbourne closed closure with COVID charges run | Coronavirus News Plague

The Prime Minister of the State has commended Australian citizens for following the strict rules laid down after he retired from hospital.

Officials in Melbourne have suspended the closure of COVID-19 as planned for Thursday night, saying strict enforcement has “changed the course” of coronavirus infection in Australia’s second-largest city.

Melbourne’s five million people have it should be home to all but the most important reasons In the last two weeks after appearing together they were connected with Delta mutations of coronavirus, which is thought to very widespread.

The rest will start at 11.59pm local time (13:59 GMT) on Thursday, although some restrictions on travel and meetings will remain for another week.

“Today is a good day. Everyone should be proud of all that we have achieved together, “Victorian Prime Minister James Merlino told reporters in Melbourne on Wednesday.

“But we know that this has not happened yet until we have vaccinated against the spread of Victoria and the rest of the country. The virus is still present.”

Even if the rules were reduced, people would have to be 25 kilometers (15 miles) from their homes, officials said.

There will also be a full ban on indoor meetings and masks will be legal in the house and while schools, bars and leisure centers can reopen, gymnasiums and nightclubs will be closed for another week.

Brett Sutton, Victoria’s chief medical officer, said there could be no “retaliation” indefinitely because the situation was still “volatile”.

“We need to move on with the additions, safely, but with a few restrictions that we know will continue to address this,” he said.

The new cases came out last month with more than 80 people diagnosed with Kappa or Delta HIV virus that originated in India.

On Wednesday, Victoria wrote just one new local COVID-19 article, much lower than two weeks ago.

Daily lawsuits remain the same number in most days when closed.

Australia is also well established in COVID-19, and is one of the few countries in the world where the spread is not widespread.

Victoria has endured four closures since the outbreak began, days longer than 100 days at the end of last year and more than 800 people have died in the state, 90% of those deaths.

The spread of the disease in Taiwan and Japan has confirmed the fact that the initial success of the virus can be spread quickly without a general vaccine.

Australia expanded its program last week and delivered nearly 5.2 million jabs on Monday. Only a handful of people have a complete vaccine, however.

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