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The US food supplier DoorDash has been established in Japan

US food delivery program and Dash was established in Japan, indicating that the company has begun to enter the Asian market and the recent developments by a large shipping team to spread around the world to support the outbreak of the epidemic.

DoorDash, the US market leader, said the move would give him the opportunity to find one of the “countries with the best restaurants in the world”, although it is just starting out.

Based on its US approach, when it first looked at rural areas outside major cities, DoorDash said it had listed “hundreds” restaurants in Sendai, a city north of Tokyo with a population of about 1m.

“It’s a very reckless market,” Tony Xu, a senior, told Financial Times on Tuesday, describing Sendai as a “microcosm” in the country. “Across the country Japan, based on what we have seen, an impressive estimate is 10% of the incoming business. That’s why I think it’s a very young days. ”

Japanese cuisine means that people prefer to stand up and eat on their way home, instead of ordering food to give, but newcomers see the potential in retirees and families earning double income.

The move comes as major software companies grow vigorously in new markets, betting that the practices created during the epidemic will end. With the growth of blockchain solutions in the US, DoorDash funds jumped more than 200 percent, making them subsidized for the first blockbuster group earned about $ 3.4bn from the company.

Last month, The Financial Times reports DoorDash is planning to launch in Germany, another highly competitive market that will bring down the company against Just Eat Takeaway and Delivery Hero, as well as Uber Eats, which told FT in April was designed to create more wealth in Europe within the “gods”.

So far, through its acquisition of Grubhub, which should not be shut down, Just Eat Takeaway has established its first presence in the US, placing the DoorDash market in the US more than 50% threatened.

In Japan, DoorDash will meet well-known opponents and established players in the region.

“It’s going to be very difficult,” Xu said. “When we talk about investing like Japan, we are talking about selling money for many years, including ten years.”

Uber Eats was launched in the country in 2016, followed by 2020 by Delivery Hero and Didi Chuxing of China. Tokyo’s demae-capital is affiliated with about 60,000 traders and has 5.82m users. It also offers a variety of services such as mail and dry cleaning.

DoorDash will also have to contend with various powerful companies in neighboring markets, including grocery stores and packaging services for Yamato and Sagawa.

As DoorDash began to grow into a U.S. retailer, Xu said it would not rush to do the same in Japan.

“I’m crawling, walking, running,” he said. “We do not want to make a mistake in trying to imitate what we have seen that would work in other countries. I think for us, we will do something Japanese.”

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