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India sees 3,874 deaths of COVID deaths while reports indicate they have fled … | Coronavirus News Plague

India reports 276,110 new cases, with about two-thirds of those tested positive for COVID-19, secret laboratories say.

India has reported 276,110 coronavirus infections in the last 24 hours, with 3,874 deaths, as about two-thirds of those tested were exposed to COVID-19, secret laboratories say, indicating the spread of the virus.

The number of people diagnosed with the disease in South Asia has reached 25.77 million, while 287,122 people have died, according to the Ministry of Health on Thursday.

For several months, India has been hit hard by the epidemic, with new discoveries affecting more than 400,000 cases a day.

And hospitals and crematoriums are overflowing and the health system is in full swing, it is safe to say that all of these people have a serious disregard for the epidemic, with some experts saying that illness and death could be more than five or ten times higher.

There are fears that this new, highly contagious problem is not going well and that many cases have not been reported due to lack of testing, especially in rural areas.

Information from Thyrocare, secret laboratories, appears to alleviate those fears, indicating that 63.5% of people were diagnosed with COVID-19 antibodies about seven days ago, up from 45% last month.

Information from 25 countries included those who have been infected in the past, who have been vaccinated, who have not been infected and who have not been vaccinated, the company’s chief executive Arokiaswamy Velumani said on Twitter.

Criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been mounting but M Govinda Rao, a former member of the Economic Advisory Council for the Prime Minister, said the spread of the virus had come as a surprise to everyone.

“An unprecedented run in which the second wave of the epidemic has disrupted (governmental) governments and careless people,” Rao told a Hindu newspaper.

Daily tests reached a million dollars on Tuesday, figures from the Indian Council of Medical Research show.

But this is lacking compared to the 3.3 million daily averages of India, says Rijo M John, a professor at Rajagiri College of Social Sciences south of Kochi.

John also questioned the importance of the test.

“Most of these tests are being put in cities, where the charges are probably too high and it doesn’t really help,” said John. “Now is the time to move to the rural areas, but I doubt this is happening.”

Modi’s popularity has declined slightly, two studies have shown.

Voter CVOTER found that for the first time in the seven years Modi has been in office, there were more people expressing dissatisfaction with the performance of his government than with satisfaction.

Hospitals had to evacuate patients when mortuaries and crematoriums were unable to cope with adequate bodies.

Photos and television footage of the crematoriums burning in car parks and baths along the Ganges River have provoked the government.

India is the world’s largest producer of vaccines but there has been widespread opposition due to its vaccination efforts, due to a shortage of drugs.

The government says about 98 percent of the 1.35 billion people are still infected.

India dropped the vaccine last month after supplying or selling more than 66 million varieties and government sources told Reuters it would not be possible to resume the export vaccine until October because it imposed domestic demands.

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