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The new trailers show how Indiana Jones movies look in 4K

In Marichi Paramount announced plans Release 4K Ultra HD videos for Indiana Jones videos, arriving in a similar manner 1080p images on Blu-ray in 2012. Trailers are now available in all movies (Lost Ark Boxers, Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones and the Final Battle Yeah yeah, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Chibade) so you can see what the redesign work brought them out.


Feel free to compare these streams provided by YouTube to your Blu-ray disc or any existing HD streams, though obviously this is the best way to watch them from the moment they arrive at the show. Although the bonus is still available in 1080p, all four flicks have been redesigned to Dolby Vision HDR and HDR-10 from the original 4K graphics.

The video is also available in Dolby Atmos format, which is also produced on Skywalker Sound by the original sound maker using the original material. Therefore the video and audio must be compatible (see for yourself below), and the only question that remains is whether prison reptiles have been 40 years since the first release. The installation starts shipping on June 8, however if 1080p and SDR are enough then you can get the same videos right now $ 43.

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