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China’s automotive sector fails to meet ‘net zero’ targets: Greenpeace | Automotive Companies

The environmental group says China needs to reduce emissions by 20 percent by 2035 to zero by 2060.

A large automotive sector in China is about to launch carbon dioxide emissions by 2027, but given current trends, it is difficult to meet the country. 2060 “net zero” chandamale, Greenpeace environmental group said.

Carbon emissions in the sector are expected to rise 1.75 billion tons, and a gradual decline of 11% by 2035, Greenpeace estimates in a report Tuesday.

But it needs to reduce emissions by 20 percent by 2035 if it is to remain at zero by 2060, Greenpeace said.

China needs to bring zero-emissions vehicles to 63 percent by 2030 and 87 percent by 2035 to meet their demands, the environmental group estimates.

“The best solution is for Chinese carmakers to eliminate burning cars by 2030,” said Bao Hang, project manager for Greenpeace Asia in Beijing.

‘Mainstream’ electric vehicles

China said in its 2021-2035 development plan for the region that good electric vehicles should make up 20 percent of sales by 2025 and then become “known” by 2035.

The Prime Minister said in a plan to take action on the air-conditioning industry last year that new and clean electric vehicles are expected to reach about 40 per cent of total volume by 2030.

Exports of China for battery-powered electric vehicles, electric hybrids for electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel vehicles grew by 157.5 percent to 3.52 million units by 2021, government figures showed.

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