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Tonga volcanic action project based on ‘Covid-free’ principle

Relief efforts to help Tonga after the eruption are hampered by the South Pacific’s demand for the Covid-19 to remain afloat and the lack of excavation equipment needed to clear ashes from the airport.

The eruption of Mount Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai, about 40 miles[65 km]north of Nuku’alofa’s capital, triggered a tsunami that devastated the island nation.

Tsunami waves also swept across the Pacific when the eruption, which created a huge cloud of ash, caused a sonic noise that was heard far away in Alaska.

Tonga government is expected to seek foreign aid on Tuesday after assessing the extent of the crash, which killed one person.

But the government has also emphasized the importance of maintaining its Covid-free status. Tonga was one of the last countries in the world to write articles Covid-19 disease a New Zealand visitor tested positive in October, leading to a national closure. That is the only serious case in the country.

The government has discussed with Australian and New Zealand officials the need to establish stricter rules for humanitarian workers. She is expected to leave a fixed period of 21 days for support staff.

Curtis Tuihalangingie, from Tongan ambassador to Canberra, told an Australian journalist on ABC that preserving the country without Covid was crucial to protecting people from the “Covid tsunami hitting Tonga”.

The Hunga Tonga submarine Hunga Ha’apai erupted on Friday, spewing huge ash and causing a commotion in Alaska © Tonga Geological Services / Reuters

Australia and New Zealand have launched aerospace, food, medicine, and satellite missile launchers to trigger Pacific bombs exploding over the seabed that connects Tonga with the rest of the world.

Zed Seselja, Australian and Pacific Development Minister for 2GB, told 2GB: “Tonga has done a great job of keeping Covid out. And obviously, as we provide our humanitarian response, this will be a very important factor to consider.”

Relief efforts have also been halted by volcanic ash covering the island nation, including the main airport. Freight planes loaded with cargo were ready to fly from Brisbane and New Zealand as the runway was repaired.

An Australian government spokesman said essential supplies needed to clean up, including wheelbarrows, would also be sent to Tonga’s request.

“Pictures show the ashes on the road to Nuku’alofa airport which must be removed before the C-130 Hercules aircraft can land,” he said. Nanaia Mahuta, New Zealand foreign minister.

Tuihalangingie also said Tongan people also need masks to prevent locals, especially children, from breathing in ashes.

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