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Covid has gone through a wealth of stimulus and vaccination, research shows

The European countries that initiated the Covid transmission are increasingly receiving vaccines and improving public health and economic performance, which could help prevent closure, according to a new study.

Covid certificates in France, Germany and Italy increased the risk of vaccination in those countries by 13, 6.2 and 9.7 percent respectively, researchers in Bruegel and the French Council of Economic Analysis said. paper published Tuesday. The results were “huge” among the older groups, he wrote.

The certificates also helped to reduce the number of thousands of people who were hospitalized and died, in comparison, lowering living in the intensive care unit in France and help prevent further clashes. In Germany, vaccination was limited until strict certification rules were enacted in November, including forcing Covid in the workplace. In Italy, ICU pressure remained low throughout the study period.

The study states that, without the intervention of the program, by the end of 2021 the total household income in France, Germany and Italy would be € 6bn, € 1.4bn and € 2.1bn respectively.

Covid certification passes to confirm vaccination, viral recovery or more recent testing has been phased in several countries since last year, with the aim of increasing the spread of the vaccine as much as possible. Previous forms of certification, for example in Italy, offered the opportunity to be available in all locations with evidence of Covid misdiagnosis, although laws were recently suspended, especially for seniors, to reduce the number of uncircumcised citizens.

Covid-19 vaccine certificates are not technically known vaccine control, which makes vaccination compelling, as is the case in other countries such as France and Italy for health workers. The release of the vaccine against Covid has passed and there has been controversy, although this study shows that the results have been positive.

“Excessive use of Covid-19 certificates is a diagnostic tool to prevent vaccination or re-vaccination,” said Miquel Oliu-Barton, one of the lead researchers in the study, Bruegel researcher and assistant professor. mathematics and economics at the University of Paris-Dauphine. “In many countries, it has led to increased vaccinations, as well as declining health, and economic damage.”

The charts show that France records the best healthcare from Covid

The World Health Organization says the vaccine role should be used as a “last resort”.

He said the researchers were looking at the study in the three countries because they introduced Covid certificates simultaneously, between July and August last year, to improve access to public places. They also have the same vaccination, wealth, health systems and population growth.

Some countries are tightening the rules: France adopted a Sunday law that would ban uninfected people from entering bars, restaurants and other facilities. In the past, citizens who were not vaccinated were able to go to such places with evidence of recent testing. Italy also launched a “green green license” that requires proof of vaccination this month.

Oliu-Barton added that the results of the study, which were not reviewed by their peers, were not relevant to other countries. Government elections should also look at other factors, including Covid testing and vaccination, increased political dependence in their countries and opportunities for unelected parties so that such measures “do not threaten unity or escalate existing inequalities”.

“Covid certificates are seen as a clear, highly integrated approach to vaccinating activities, focusing more on the benefits of vaccination or testing rather than imposing a non-invasive procedure,” he added, realizing he could play a significant role in development and retention. vaccine protection in the presence of Omicron.

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