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China puts 13 million cities in COVID Lockdown before the Olympics | Coronavirus Plague News

China closes city of 13 million people due to the spread of coronavirus, just weeks before it Winter Olympics.

Prohibitions in the city of Xi’an in the northeastern part of Shaanxi province went into effect on Thursday, noting when it would be evacuated.

It is one of the biggest obstacles since China imposed a ban last year on more than 11 million people in and around the city. Wuhan, when coronavirus was first detected in late 2019.

One person per household should be allowed to go out every two days to buy household items, the government said.

Some relatives were required to stay at home, although the order was not strictly enforced, according to media reports. People staying in hotels insisted.

Workers in protective suits stand at the entrance to the university campus after the COVID-19 spread in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, China. [Reuters]

High alert

There were no reports of new cases Omicron range which seems to be the most contagious and runs most trips around the world – or the old nation, Delta. China has reported only seven Omicron cases so far, but none in Xi’an.

Katrina Yu of Al Jazeera, from Beijing, said this led to more people rushing to the mall and markets earlier this week.

“So far no Omicron case has been reported in China, but officials here are on high alert,” he said.

Although the recent spread is 1,000km (620 miles) southwest of the Olympic city of Beijing, no sign of the plague it can get worse in China asks how they managed to host thousands of athletes, officials and journalists when the game opens in a few weeks on February 4.

On the one hand, there is a lot of money and national pride rising in the Olympics and few would want to be eliminated, suspended or re-enlightened at this point.

On the other hand, Chinese authorities have adopted a more complex approach to the epidemic in line with their policy of resolving any final case – and it is difficult to see how large-scale reception can be linked to this approach.

The “zero tolerance” policy, which has led to frequent closures, global masking and mass testing, has not worked well. It has caused a great deal of disruption in trade, but Beijing blames it on the virus.

Overall, China has reported that 4,636 people have died in 100,644 cases of COVID-19.

Xi’an – the capital of Shaanxi province, known for its royal archeology, as well as the commercial center – reported 63 cases of infestation on Thursday, bringing the city to about 211 last week.

Management objectives

China has been battling a serious coronavirus problem in several cities east of Zhejiang near Shanghai, although isolation measures have been widely targeted.

“We are not welcoming new guests, and no existing guests are allowed out of the hotel,” said a receptionist at the Hanting Hotel in Xi’an, who gave her the nickname Li.

Workers and visitors should be tested every two days, Li said. “There will be difficulties in our business, and we do not know how long it will take.”

The owner of a local bookstore said it had closed 10 days earlier, “for fear of a worsening epidemic”.

“Now I stay home and watch television,” said the owner, who gave his only name Xiao.

Moving outside his fence requires approval from a neighboring committee, he said.

“I think things will get better in the end, and I don’t worry at all because we have a government that is leading us,” Xiao said.

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