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Biden returns TikTok and WeChat bans | Business and Financial Issues


The White House lifted Trump administration regulations that try to ban TikTok and WeChat, but ordered the department of Commerce to review the security of programs developed, controlled or delivered by China.

The White House has abandoned Trump administration regulations that try to block popular TikTok and WeChat programs and re-evaluate what it wants to highlight national security threats with programs built in China, officials said Wednesday.

A new governing law directs the Department of Commerce to carry out what officials say is a “review of evidence” of incidents that are produced or delivered or supervised by China. Officials are most concerned with programs that collect user data or link to Chinese or intelligence intelligence services.

The department will also provide information on how to protect the American public and personal information, and address the risks of other connected programs in China or other enemies, according to senior officials.

The move by United States President Joe Biden’s watchdog raises concerns that the American people’s identity could be exposed by popular programs built in China, a major economic rival and US politician. The White House and Congress have all taken steps to address Beijing’s technical progress. On Tuesday, the Senate unveiled funding aimed at promoting US semiconductors and developing innovative and innovative skills in the fight against global competition.

Earlier this year, lawmakers thwarted former President Donald Trump’s efforts to block the popular television program TikTok, and asked the court to move the legal dispute forward as the government began re-examining the national security risks posed by Chinese companies.

The court has ruled that the Department of Commerce is reviewing whether Trump’s claims about the TikTok threat to national security justify attempts to ban this in smartphone app stores and deny essential services. Changes to this review were due to take place in court later this week.

Also in limbo there has been the confiscation of TikTok in the US. Last year, Trump executives signed an agreement that would have made the U.S. agencies Oracle and Walmart play a bigger role in China’s program of international security.

The foreign deal came from Trump’s administration, which aimed to ban TikTok in the US unless it gained more US power.

Trump targeted TikTok in the summer of 2020 with several regimes that mentioned the impact on US information that TikTok is taking from users. Courts temporarily halted the White House’s efforts, and presidential elections covered up the TikTok war.

TikTok has been looking at the U.S. Supreme Court of Appeal in the District of Columbia Circuit to review Trump’s removal order and review the state’s national security.


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