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The Google Firmina subsea cable has connected the US to Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay

Google is making great strides in achieving South American connectivity with his new Firmina subsea line. From the US East Coast to Las Toninas, Argentina, and other links to Punda del Este, Uruguay and Praia Grande, Brazil. In particular, Google claims that this is the world’s longest running water cable from the one end, which should help to establish a connection between the two. Firmina Notes Google’s average of 16 offshore, which also includes Curie cable connecting US and Chile, and Grace Hopper String which reaches the UK and Spain.


It’s easy to forget this when we talk more about wireless connectivity with satellites, but undersea cables remain the most important way to spread network communication around the world. Google says the Firmina cable will have two 12-fiber cables, which are supposed to speed up the number of networks and reduce the number of Google services such as Search and Gmail (yes). The string is named Maria Firmina dos Reis, a statesman and a Brazilian author who examined the lives of Afro-Brazilian slaves in his 1859 book Úrsula.

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