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Jaguar’s 2022 I-Pace gives US drivers faster speeds and a new infotainment system

The Jaguar did not deliver an American Kuyenda buyers its repair launched last year, but he is hoping for a better solution. The maker of the machine has introduced 2022 I-Pace in the US that carries much of the information shown in the 2021 UK model (2021 was not a showcase in the States). This includes a Pivi Pro infotainment system with remote controls, an 11kW AC speed camera, and options for all 3D cameras as well as digital rear view mirror.

Many creative comforts will also be similar. There is only one standard, the HSE, but it also includes LED headlights with more wood, 16-seat seats and heated front seats. The Meridian rotation machine now incorporates two additional 16 speakers.

2022 I-Pace only costs $ 50 more than the 2020 replacement car, starting at $ 69,900. This is not uncommon, and it can be difficult to sell against the tallest and most advanced Tesla S type. Jaguar still has a high chance, however, and can be more rewarding if you want to go posh than having an EV too fast.

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