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After the end of Gaza: ‘What are Biden’s ideas? No zero system | | Conflicting Issues

After 11 days of Israeli bombings on the Gaza Strip killing more than 200 Palestinians, injuring about 2,000, and leaving the area in ruins, Joe Biden “thanked” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for “deciding to end the current conflict”.

The president of the United States has met a criticism that has never been made by failing to call for his immediate execution to end the Israeli-bombing campaign, instead of writing down what the freedom fighters describe as military decisions reaffirming Washington’s support for Israel.

But despite pressure, Biden has not commented since then announced the end of the war On Thursday, I reiterated that “the United States fully supports Israel’s right to self-defense against non-rocket protests”.

Now, as Palestinians in Gaza – living in a strictly controlled environment in some parts of the world – try to rebuild, Biden’s administration hopes that the Israeli-Palestinian crisis will fall behind US foreign policymakers.

“When Biden started working, the issue of Israel and Palestine was non-existent. [that] Israel can continue to do what it is doing, and we should not ignore this, “Nader Hashemi, director of the Center for Middle East Study at the University of Denver, told Al Jazeera in a pre-war interview.

“Obviously, the big question here is what happens the next day? What are Biden’s ideas? No ideas. ”

‘Go Forward’

As Israeli forces launched the threats in Gaza on May 10, the issue that Biden’s management was hoping to “prioritize” among other most pressing issues – the resumption of COVID-19, ethnic justice, Iran talks – surfaced around the world.

For several days, the US president and his superiors he confirmed Israel’s “self-defense right” while blaming Hamas, which fired several stones into the air. The Palestinian Authority, which controls Gaza, said it had started firing in response The invasion of Israel on Palestinians living in the Middle East.

As the death toll in Palestine increased, a bomb blast in Israel destroyed homes across the country – including a dwelling tower press offices of Al Jazeera and The Associated Press – intending to take action, especially from the Biden regime, has grown. Thousands of people was encouraged in US cities demanding an end to the threat in Israel by US lawmakers he spoke contrary to what he saw as silence from Biden, a long time Israel defends.

Biden’s top officials were he waited he was working secretly to eliminate violence. But the US too banned several attempts by the United Nations Security Council to issue a resolution banning war. And, during the Gaza invasion, the Washington Post also reported that Biden’s management planned to sell $ 735m worth of weapons to Israel, plus $ 3.8bn in military aid Washington surrenders Israel every year.

“[US Secretary of State Antony Blinken] “The Biden approach is to make Israel feel safe, secure, and I hope that by doing so, they will be more willing to give Palestinian consent and live in peace,” Hashemi said.

“All of this sounds good and hot and unpleasant, but in reality, this history shows that it is contradictory – that when Israel is disturbed, supported, encouraged, war-loving and oppressive Israel does this.”

Call for response

On May 17, for eight days in Israel, Biden for the first time said “showed support about stopping war ”by calling Netanyahu. Biden told Netanyahu on Wednesday that he “expects a major overhaul … on the way to a ceasefire”.

The next day, violence was announced; At least 232 Palestinians, including 65 children, were killed and more than 1,500 were injured in Gaza, while tens of thousands of Palestinians were inside escape. Twelve people, including two children, were killed in Israel.

“Biden’s advice has been dangerous and disgusting, making the United States 100% guilty of killing and torturing Israel in Palestine,” said Josh Ruebner, an assistant professor at Georgetown University.

Ruebner told Al Jazeera that while it was good that Biden’s superiors eventually helped stop the war, “he not only created some kind of morality” but that he did so because of political unrest in US streets and from progressive Democrats.

“All these political challenges are the ones that have been working to move Biden’s management to a better place, but this kind of pressure must be continued now for a response after the gunfire,” he said, urging US arms embargoes on Israel and additional charges at the International Criminal Court (ICC). ).

Palestinian freedom groups have it encouraged an independent investigation into the Israeli bombing of Gaza that adorns dormitories and media organizations as well as journalists.

In the US, even as Israel became angry with Gaza, lawmakers had begun apply for US military assistance annually to Israel. But most members of Congress go ahead supporting unlimited aid to Israel, and Biden insists the relationship between US-Israel is ironic.

However, the $ 735m lawsuit was criticized by lawmakers, including Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who ahead Wednesday’s decision to ban the transfer. Independent Senator Bernie Sanders as well introduced a similar ruling in the same chamber on Thursday.

“It is not known whether although Israel is using US weapons against children, journalists, medical personnel and others, the US is sending more weapons to commit atrocities like this,” said Khury Petersen-Smith, Michael Ratner Middle East at the Institute for Policy Tank , told Al Jazeera, about the sale.

A Palestinian man watches the destruction of a six-storey building that collapsed on the morning of an Israeli attack on Gaza City on May 18 [File: Khalil Hamra/AP Photo]

Ruebner said “pressure from Congress continues to force Biden’s administration in the way he should go – even where he wants to go” under Israeli and Palestinian law. He warned that the US could resume “peace talks” between Israelis and Palestinians, establishing a platform for unity in Palestine.

“Things can’t be resolved through negotiations,” Ruebner said. “Things will be resolved by the imposition of sanctions, in response to the Israeli war crimes laws, through the isolation of Israel as legitimate. a violent world is treated fairly. This is how things will change, not back to fruitless discussions. ”

‘We want release’

Meanwhile, Palestinian lawmakers are urging the people to continue to be coerced – and to think of new ways to protect Palestinian rights.

Mohammed el-Kurd, a resident of Palestine in the East Jerusalem region of Sheikh Jarrah whose family is one of several people being forced to evacuate to settle Jewish settlements, said earlier this month that government opposition was not enough.

“I think it’s time for governments to recognize Israel,” El-Kurd said in a statement to the Middle East Institute on May 10. “I don’t think it’s a disgraceful request for Israel to be released because of the atrocities committed against Palestinians. I think that’s the next step.”

Yara Asi, who is not a resident of the Arab Center in Washington DC, also said the idea that things would “return to normal” after the ceasefire in Gaza, is dangerous as the Palestinian repression of Palestine continues.

“In [past US] words, you hear ‘return to peace, return to peace’ – but unfortunately it was not peaceful, and it was not peace. That’s not us [Palestinians] I want to; we want release. We want human rights. We want full parallelism, “Asi told Al Jazeera.

“This seems to be re-emerging as long as there are pictures of a dangerous bomb with children on the screening table. If we don’t want to see these pictures, we have to stay in touch. We have to show that this is the most important thing in the world or it will continue.”

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