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WarnerMedia, Discovery, and New Age of Media Consolidation


The supervisor is a part of the week dedicated to all that is going on in FALSE the world of cultures, from movies to memes, TV to Twitter.

Five years ago, I took a silly message: filming who had a pop culture. From Marvel movies to Lego to The Hobbit, everything is in someone else’s pockets. News Corp., Comcast, Viacom — these companies had large groups. After two years of making the graph, it was all gone. AT&T purchased Time Warner — and added HBO, Warner Bros., Turner, and all of its affiliates. The following year, Disney completed the acquisition of 21st Century Fox, including X-Men and Spidey and Marvel ilk both giving the Mouse House a big battle chest.

When things change, they stay the same. One of the consequences of the war of attrition is that it has led to the rise of civil war. The Hollywood hierarchy ceased to be around who had the biggest opening week in the box office or a big hit for the first time; The war on intellect has become a land grabber operation to see who can fulfill their search function with the best library. Major media organizations, which previously had licenses available on Netflix, began to retaliate and start promotional activities to take care of it. HBO Max. Requirements +. Peacock! This week, there was a twist: AT&T circled WarnerMedia (formerly Time Warner) to go including and Earning, this is the company that brings you OWN of Oprah Winfrey, many white-haired women who can renovate your home (HGTV), and Shark Week.

Paper, the reason for the integration is simple: to become “the best company in the world,” as Discovery Chief David Zaslav he was told New York Times. But it was something else: a sign of a new era of media involvement.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. In a nutshell, Discovery + -HGTV’s offerings, Animal Planet, History – include HBO Max, which has all the HBO TV popularity, all of Friends, by Warner Bros. contributions if Lord of the Rings and DC cameras, to create some kind of search engine optimization. Or, perhaps, it is included when Disney + presents a bundle with Hulu and ESPN +. This sounds different than the inclusion of a video, where a company like Disney could buy, say, Pstrong, or an organization like Turner (house of CNN, TNT, and TBS, among others) would merge with Time Warner. Instead, this sounded like a list of two things to make Voltron of media. (Although, technically, Voltron is part of Netflix now.) In a WarnerMedia presentation Wednesday, chief marketing officer JP Colaco said, “We believe IP is the new era.”

And the first time is what HBO Max needs. The search function created a file for large, illuminated around this year last year, but initially did not attract many subscribers. It had a little over 12 million accounts by the end of 2020, piece of competitors. Announcing that the search work will show all that was released in 2021 – a slate that also includes Dulu it’s new Air Pressure-Supported, but this does not attract many viewers as a show from, say, Dear Day 90 permission. Like Sarah Henschel, an advertising analyst for Omnia, Netflix and Disney seems to be jumping higher than other competitors in the air for longer; The WarnerMedia-Discovery combination can give them access to their finances. “The acquisition is for WarnerMedia that Fox was at Disney; it was already a good electronics house. Now, in conjunction with a good central player, WarnerMedia is now established,” he says, adding, “Combining is just the fastest way to grow big. up to a maximum of five and that is when the hunting economy will stabilize. ”


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