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A filmmaker at Lakshadweep in India criticized comment on ‘bioweapon’ | Natural Issues

Police in India’s Lakshadweep Islands have been accused of plotting to overthrow the government after calling local authorities “weapons of war” against the citizens of the islands.

The case against Aisha Sultana was reported to police on Lakshadweep Island and its capital, Kavaratti, following complaints from Prime Minister Narendra Modi Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) politician, Indian journalists said on Friday.

BJP’s complaints have cited a Malayalam TV radio show about government problems in Lakshadweep, with Sultana claiming that the Modi government is using the island’s Praful Khoda Patel as a “tool”.

Patel, 63, is the first chief of the Lakshadweep Islands and has served as Modi’s prime minister, Gujarat, with India’s prime minister for more than a decade.

The Lakshadweep Islands – popular with tourists – are run by an official appointed by the President of India.

Since taking control of Lakshadweep in December last year, Patel has passed away killed new rules and ideas – do not consult your local elected representatives – the only Muslim-only region in India except India-run Kashmir.

Lakshadweep is a spectacular island of 36 – 10 of its archipelagoes – spread over 32 kilometers of ocean, about 200km (124 miles) off the southwest coast of the Indian Peninsula.

It is the smallest of India’s eight “Union Territories” (UTs), home to 65,000 people – 97 percent of Muslims – who are afraid of losing their land, livelihoods and freedom as the government seeks to rehabilitate islands as a tourist destination. strangers.

New urban planning ideas for tourism, high-rise housing and deep mining operations could empower the Patel to evacuate or relocate islanders to developed areas by declaring land as “plans”.

Some controversial ideas stem from the prohibition of slaughtering cattle and the granting of more permits, which seem to have offended Islamic religious ideas. At present, the sale and consumption of alcohol is banned on the islands.

Other considerations include the segregation of people with more than two children in local council elections. The authorities could also detain anyone without trial for up to one year, according to Patel.

Sultana is one of the thousands of people living on the island where COVID-19s have banned it from taking to the streets to protest.

The dangers of COVID to the islands

Writing on Facebook, Sultana defended his anger against Patel on TV.

“I had used the word war on television. I have heard Patel and his plans [have acted] as a weapon of war, ”he wrote.

“Through Patel he was the one who helped the COVID-19 spread to Lakshadweep. I have likened Patel as a tool, not a government or a country…. You have to understand. What else can I call him?…”

Lakshadweep remained devoid of coronaviruses by 2020 due to the complexities required due to its medical problems with only three hospitals on the 10 inhabited islands.

Patel is accused of escalating the COVID-19 crisis in Lakshadweep by changing the settlement process in January and allowing everyone to enter the islands with a negative RT-PCR report received 48 hours earlier.

Just one week after the laws were amended, the district released its first coronavirus report on January 17. As of Thursday, the island had registered more than 9,000 cases and more than 40 people, according to a Maktoob website.


The student-initiated Twitter campaign has taken on a patriotic role in India, with #SaveLakshadweep backed by prominent politicians including opposition leader Rahul Gandhi.

This week, a group of people, the Save Lakshadweep Forum, went on a hunger strike one day against the new plan which has caused panic among about 65,000 people on the island.

“For generations, we have been silent, unwilling to oppose landmines… But if they take away our land and houses, where will we all go?” fisherman Zechariah, who uses the same name, said on the phone.

Like many local fishermen, his only treasure is his grandfather’s house, which was built on an area of ​​about 300 square feet[93 sq m]along the coast, on the island of Kavaratti.

“This is not a big city where people can be relocated. For us, that might mean moving to a higher ground. How can we let everyone take over our home? ”He said.

Opponents also fear that the plan could reduce humanitarian services on the islands, which include a lack of clean drinking water, health care and access to land.

Lakshadweep superintendent Praful Patel did not respond to a request for comment, but another official – Collector S Akser Ali – told reporters recently that his aim was to develop the islands “fully” in terms of public health.

But mistrust and anger at the Hindu government in the predominantly Muslim region.

The recent destruction of fishermen’s shells has sparked suspicion, says K Nizamuddin, an independent group in Kavaratti, which is considered in development plans as a “smart city”.

Nizamuddin said another problem was that people were not properly informed of the plan.

“We have never been asked, and most people on the island know nothing of the future. If big changes are to come, they should be informed, ”he said.

“In a smart city, there should be a place for local fishermen to live an educated life such as raising livestock. Instead, the authorities have broken down the fishing grounds on the beach, alleging violations of the law. That is why there is so much mistrust. ”

According to the laws imposed by Patel, citizens should also get permission to prepare before they even change their homes, Rohith said.

“In some areas, it would seem fair for the government to find a place to work, such as road construction, but on the islands, it would not be possible,” said Rohith, referring to legislation aimed at protecting the rights of the islanders and fragile ecosystems.

Last month, the parliament in Kerala, the state closest to the country, approved Patel’s removal and protection from public works.

“We have lived in this small community for many years. We know more about the environment than anyone else. The authorities have to listen to us, ”said fisherman Zechariah.

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