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DOJ orders defenders for robbing a Georgia health company in 2018

The manager of the security company has been case because to rip them (PDF) The Gwinnett Medical Center network on September 27 or 2018. According to the Department of Justice, Vikas Singla of Georgia committed acts of violence on non-profit networks providing alternative medical care and economic benefits. Singla was a senior employee at a network security company in Atlanta – the DOJ did not name the company, but its history is similar to that of Securolytics – which served health care companies. He (and his accomplices) allegedly tampered with GMC’s phone, obtained information from a digital device and disrupted network printing during the attack.

Although the DOJ did not go into detail, he did reports back in 2018 that GMC analyzed the potential for violations that led to more information about patients online. The robbers also threatened workers at GMC and insulted an online agent. Removed now Securolytics ’booklet on Singla’s page describes the emergence of medical emergencies, possibly to address their concerns and safety. How the operation relates to the data breaches reported in 2018, or the cases filed this week, is unclear.

The officer was arraigned by the Supreme Court on June 8 and charged with 17 counts of malicious damage to a security computer, each counting up to 10 years in prison. He was also charged with one count of obtaining computer security from a secure computer, with a five-year prison sentence.

FBI’s Special Intelligence Officer Chris Hacker at the Atlanta Field Office said:

“The cyber-attack at the hospital has not only had serious consequences, but also patient information has been compromised. The FBI and our law enforcement agencies have confirmed they will be held accountable, which they say endangers human health and safety because of greed.”

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