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Tesla is showing off its $ 130,000 Model S Plaid performance

Pa event last night, Tesla unveiled the 25 Model S Plaid of high-performance electronics while CEO Elon Musk unveiled all the new enhancements and stocks. It also showed the functionality in front of several journalists to display 0 to 60MPH in two seconds of visibility.

Musk confirmed that the Model S Plaid is not only fast, but will also provide functionality thanks to the new radiator pump and radiator which is much larger. “You can also do repetitions from 0 to 60s, get on the road, just pull the donkey,” Musk said. “This car is able to do this over and over again and is not windy.”

On top of that, Tesla said the new heat pump provides 30% more cooling in the winter and uses 50% less heat energy. “You will see a slight decrease in winter,” Musk said.

He also mentioned performance and specs, noting that it can hit 0-60MPH in 1.99 seconds, over a quarter of 9.23 kilometers and up to 200MPH, thanks to 1,020 new horsepower machines. At the same time, it gives EPAs 390 miles and allows you to add 187 miles in just 15 minutes due to high-speed steels.

Why is there a need for more speed? “We need to show that the electric car is the best car, hands down,” Musk explained. “It should be clear that overused vehicles can be the fastest, the safest, and the fastest in any way.”

Other features of the Model S Plaid include a new 17-inch compact display, along with a cluster of electronic devices behind the steering wheel. Passengers also find a third cover behind the connecting console along with a “right back seat,” Musk said, describing the old Model S seat as “unsurprising.” It also offers a dual back and front charger and a 36-watt USB-C charger that can charge phones, tablets or laptops. And of course, it comes with a powerful new processor that can run AAA games on screens up to 60 fps.

It comes back with that celebrity Yoke guide and there are no physical controls for selecting drive disks. Instead, it simply switches in the middle of the park, back and forth as a constant, and selects in a window for you to manually select. “I think, for the most part, all the inputs are wrong,” Musk said.

Tesla unveiled the first 25 Model S Plaid models at the event, and has promised “several hundred a week soon,” with nearly 1,000 upgrades per week with the next car. With prices starting at $ 130,000 after Tesla raised the price by $ 10,000 yesterday.

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