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Will Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finally deliver on his promises? | The conflict between Israel and Palestine

Today, Dr Izzeldin Abuelaish feels like a forgotten person.

From his home in Toronto, he has witnessed a grim mix of frustration, sadness and anger as Israel’s ongoing Palestinian persecution in occupied Palestine shattered once again, the biased views of Western political leaders and journalists in the early days of violence.

And he also expects ordinary politicians and journalists – who once urged a doctor, a teacher, a social worker, and perhaps above all, a persuasive father, a reward and honor – to listen to his pleas to end Israeli protests and heal the wounds of Palestine.

But few return their calls.

TV presenters and journalists who once spoke out about the tragic events in which Dr Abuelaish somehow changed the killing of three Israeli soldiers and his grandson during the 2009 war in Gaza as a message of hope and reconciliation, left him.

Canadian and foreign political leaders, who later gave him the nickname “Martin Luther King of the Middle East” and threw buttons at Dr Abuelaish’s feet in recognition of his anti-hatred work on bridges built on understanding and recaptured him.

However, he did his best, but to no avail, to draw the line between the dreadful and the horrors of the Palestinian occupation of Israel for more than 11 days.

On May 11, Abuelaish issued a statement to “government officials and people around the world” stating, among other things, “We will not tolerate silence in the face of armed violence … Now is the time to end bloodshed. Palestine. ”

No one answered.

Earlier, Dr Abuelaish approached the editors of The Globe and Mail and The Guardian, hoping to announce their warning that the world should remain “deaf and dumb” about the political situation of the Palestinian prisoners of Israel.

Again, no one answered.

“They don’t want him to agree with me to tell the truth,” Dr Abuelaish told me in an interview. “It is sad and tragic because to remain silent in times of injustice is injustice. But I will not give up. ”

Based on his tireless nature and steady knowledge and personality, Drs. Abuelaish continues.

Born in a refugee camp in Jabalia north of the surrounding Gaza Strip, Dr Abuelaish knows better than the tragic, often devastating, experiences of Palestinian generations – the effects of apartheid in Israel.

Dr. Abuelaish is also well aware, more than any other, that the Palestinian children living in it have paid a very high price, unforgettable for long-term, cruel and systematic restitution.

That is why the deadly Israeli invasion of Gaza in 2014 claimed the lives of 551 Palestinian children and injured 3,436 innocent people – most of them permanently – Dr Abuelaish determined to take action to pay homage to his dead, circumcised daughters, Bessan, Mayar, Aya, and his nephew, Noor.

In private practice, Dr Abuelaish called for cooperation between Canadian organizations, nurses, doctors, hospitals and politicians, including the former Prime Minister of Ontario and the Minister of Health, to form Heal100Kids, a mission to rescue 100 injured children and harass Gazan children. in Canada for specialized assistance and assistance.

Many Canadians, moved by Dr Abuelaish’s allegiance to faith, despair, resignation, hatred, and peace in the war, have volunteered to open their homes and wallets to ensure that damaged Palestinian children are accepted and cared for in Canada.

One of Canada’s most influential and influential figures was Liberal opposition leader Justin Trudeau, who openly stated his support for Dr Abuelaish’s views on his official Twitter account.

In an August 3, 2014 tweet, Trudeau encouraged Canadians to go with him to promote Heal100Kids. “Please add your name to help bring Palestinian children to Canada for treatment”, Trudeau he wrote to his group following him.

Two days later, Trudeau wrote another tweet, this time “applauding” then Ontario Health Minister Eric Hoskins and the Liberal government in the region “for their commitment to the #Heal100Kids project.”

At the time, part of Trudeau’s Heal100Kids’ strong acceptance, no doubt, was read to confirm its interest in the opposition to Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s refusal to meet Dr Abuelaish and deny visas to broken Palestinian children and their families to come to Canada. .

A former theater teacher can excel as a kind, considerate leader and father.

It seems that Trudeau’s acceptance of Heal100Kids was as meaningless as it had been.

In a statement published on May 22, 2018, Dr Abuelaish called on the current Prime Minister Trudeau to keep his promise and promote the need and strength of his office to extend a Canadian hand in solidarity with the much-needed Palestinian children.

“It is time to do so, Prime Minister Trudeau. It is time to help alleviate the suffering and suffering of only 100 Palestinian children. It is time for you, if I can, to walk and fulfill the words you wrote a few years ago. It is time to settle politics and speak aside. It’s time to dump her and move on. “It’s time to dump her and move on,” wrote Dr Abuelaish.

Trudeau’s answer: three years of silence and inactivity.

Like many Palestinians, Dr. Abuelaish is a patient man. His patience is over. Today, he understands that the Prime Minister’s support for Heal100Kids seems to be as loud as smoke.

“It was just a word. It is a big lie, ”said Dr Abuelaish.

Yes, it is possible.

In an effort to understand the Prime Minister’s intentions, I contacted Trudeau’s press secretary, Alex Wellstead, earlier this week and asked for an interview to discuss Dr Abuelaish and Heal100Kids.

This was a sad and positive response for Wellstead: “I don’t know. We can share more and where this connects to the government … ”

In a nutshell: Wellstead, and in addition, the Prime Minister, has forgotten all about Dr Abuelaish and Heal100Kids.

Later, Trudeau’s press secretary refused to be questioned. “Have a nice day,” he wrote in an email.

I can no longer think of what this prime minister and his government are doing beyond their comprehension of the Nobel Peace Prize, which was chosen to help Palestinian children recover from the effects of war.

Trudeau and the company may want to forget it, but the figures are alarming.

Infants and children over 60 in Palestine was killed and hundreds were seriously injured by widows before declaring war in recent days. On Thursday, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres described the killings as follows: “If there is a hell on earth, it is the lives of children in Gaza.”

Despite his frustration, Dr Abuelaish insists that foreign powers should force Israel to end their illegal and debilitating occupation of Palestine.

Prime Minister Trudeau must also, agree to raise the issue of Heal100Kids as a token of interest to Canadians and ordinary people in need in Palestine.

“Trudeau can, at last, translate his words and say: We are ready to resume this work and heal the children who need to be healed,” said Dr Abuelaish. It is his moral responsibility. ”

The question was: Does Justin Trudeau remember to do this this time?

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor of Al Jazeera.

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