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WhatsApp Accuses Government Of India To Protect User Privacy


The WhatsApp messaging project is suing the Indian government in the Supreme Court in Delhi, challenging new laws that would force them to keep its word, which could expose the senders and receive billions on its platform. Reuters the first was said the case, which a WhatsApp spokesman confirmed to BuzzFeed News.

“Government agencies and technology experts around the world have been emphasizing that the need to ‘keep track’ of confidential messages could disrupt the sweet end and bring about real violence,” a WhatsApp spokesman told BuzzFeed News. “WhatsApp is committed to protecting the privacy of our communications and we will continue to do all we can under the Indian law to do this.”

A spokesman for the Indian Ministry of IT did not return a request for comment before the issue was published.

More than 400 million of the 1.2 billion people who use WhatsApp, which belongs to Facebook, are from India.

Since 2016, messages and files sent via WhatsApp have been stored, which means that no one except the sender and recipient can view the content. WhatsApp has always said that this is important for people’s privacy. But governments around the world, inclusive US, UK, Australia, Canada, and Japan have been forcing apps like WhatsApp to break that secret, saying they can’t follow the sender which causes problems in the compulsion. Digital rights organizations such as Get It Now, Computer Frontier Foundation, and Mozilla supported WhatsApp battle to keep the secret at the end.

India was recently established It controls they need messaging platforms like WhatsApp to provide a way to identify who has sent each message. The contents of these messages could not be disclosed. The new rules are effective today.

Mu blog post on its official page published Tuesday, WhatsApp has said “ordering people to follow through is another way to monitor and evaluate.”

It also stated that adhering to the rules violates human rights. “Innocent people can be arrested and investigated, or even jailed for sharing items that would later be a problem in the eyes of the government even if it doesn’t mean harming them and sharing them in the first place,” said a WhatsApp message. “The threat that anything that a person can write back from has taken away people’s privacy and affects what people say even in private, violating legitimate principles of freedom of expression and human rights.”

India is a huge and important market for modern giants around the world. But in recent years, the companies have been facing challenges from a decent government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Earlier this week, police in Delhi to visit Twitter offices after the platform posted other tweets of the ruling party as “disruptive media.”


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