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What’s new about Biden’s cultural rhetoric at the US Congress? | Stories by Joe Biden

President Joe Biden’s first address at the congressional hearing on Wednesday night, which is often a milestone for the new president, looks very different from previous addresses.

“The beauty and abundance of events will never be the same,” said White House Secretary Jen Psaki.

A cultural event in Washington, the annual speech is an opportunity for the president to articulate what the American people want.

Addresses of the President to one part of Congress usually take place once a year. In the first year of the Presidency, it is simply called the same: the address of the joint province. In the other three years of the presidency, it is called the State of the Union, which usually takes place in January or February.

Biden’s first talk takes place in the future calendar due to the COVID epidemic.

At home

The president often takes a long time to reach the platform, shake hands, hug and repel members of the Senate, the House, the Supreme Court, military officials and other guests as they walk through the center of the hall in a house full of representatives.

Biden will be wearing a mask, as he walks through a room separated by only a few hundred people. This is an invitation for them – not all members of Congress will be present and only a few in the Cabinet.

Two women will stand behind Biden

In a statement, the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate – who is also the Vice President of the US – sit behind the US President to speak.

For the first time in history, both jobs are run by women.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the Vice President Kamala Harris will be popular on radio broadcasts. As vice-president, Harris also holds a senate vote in the Senate.

Pelosi broke Trump’s speech

Pelosi already existed. She was devastated when she spoke as the first housewife at the home of former President George W Bush in 2007. Famous, Pelosi tore the middle (video) the official textbook of what former President Donald Trump said about 2020. Expect to emphasize “unity” this year.

This will be Harris’s first time. It is a very political ally for those living in the White House and can be expected to clap their hands and join the best lines.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tore apart President Donald Trump’s address to the State of the Union at the 2020 Congress of Congress [File: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters]

A small group

Typically, the talk is given in front of about 1,600 people who have filled the House room with additional seats and rooms, and people are standing. In addition to government officials, the venue is often filled with invited guests, members, or political figures.

About 250 people are expected to attend Biden’s inaugural address, which is why many women and sometimes difficult to stand up will no longer be there.

Special guests

Each year, there are often special guests who sit next to the first lady, the wife of the president, who is specially elected, often highlighting what the President has achieved or wants.

This year, visitors will be able to watch the talks from a distance. According to the office of First Lady Jill Biden, the following are:

  • Maria-Isabel Ballivian, director, Annandale Christian community for action (ACCA) Child Development Center
  • Javier Quiroz Castro, a Mexican-born who was able to live in the US under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, is a nurse at the forefront of the epidemic.
  • Tatiana Washington, facilitator and coordinator of violence
  • Stella Keating, the first transgender teenager to testify in front of the US Parliament
  • Theron Rutyna, IT director of the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, who worked to bring the internet into the US cultural landscape
The House of Representatives is usually packed with dignitaries from three US government offices to address members of parliament. [File: Joshua Roberts/Reuters]


The audience’s reaction to the President’s remarks is carefully monitored to try to approve or disapprove of the fan’s interesting shooting or to be in the hands of his opponents. This is not going to be clear this year.

The statement, which comes on Biden’s 99th day in office, is Biden’s chance to become President as a way to match the country. There will be many “trillions” thrown around.

The White House has already phoned to make $ 1 trillion The goal of the “American Families” middle head of the evening.

Elected Survivor

There will be no survivor or successor. In the past, for security reasons, because many U.S. government officials have gathered in one place, a lawmaker or other vice president’s successor will sit in a safe place away from the Capitol speaking. .

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