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Violent Violent Worldwide Inspired by the DC Invasion

As The terrorist group entered the US Capitol Last week, right-wing extremists, extremist whites, and Nazis around the world spread hatred and rejoiced in violence. Now, experts warn that threats like last week at the US Congress or trial destroying the German parliament in August it may happen in the coming days.

Wednesday, when Parliament voted to give him a chance than ever before, Trump issued a statement urging peace. “Based on the reports of the many demonstrations, I urge no violence, no crime and no vandalism.… I call on all Americans to end the crisis,” he wrote.

But for extremists who see the turmoil in the United States taking place, the message may be delayed. Samantha Kutner, a colleague at the Khalifa Ihler Institute, told BuzzFeed News that right-wing groups around the world see the invasion as “a mass recruitment exercise” and a “war on white supremacy.”

Since the rebellion, BuzzFeed News has been closely monitoring the news of at least three right-wing terrorist groups and leaders outside the US. Members of extremist groups including the Scandinavian Nordic Resistance Movement, CasaPound Italy, the Azov group in Ukraine, and Australia and the British Proud Boys, as well as members of well-known but dangerous groups, have called for blood transfusions.

A video of a new Nazi party on the messenger app Telegram asked hundreds of its subscribers to take up arms to “enjoy the upcoming dead festivals.”

One video on the platform shared a message telling thousands of his followers to start believing in “their racing ideas” because “you’re one.”

Some critics on Telegram and Gab, another popular social media site on the far right, rallied “Milion Militia March” on January 20 and urged listeners to join the terrorist attacks in major cities since Saturday.

Although many media companies such as Facebook and Twitter have begun to remove accounts associated with Trump’s supporters and freedom fighters, and apple and Google Leaving the most accurate platform Parler completely, the massive violent and dangerous messages remain.

“I hope foreign teams will be encouraged by January 6,” said Cynthia Miller-Idriss, an activist and author. Hate in their homeland, told BuzzFeed News. “After losing right in the German parliament four months ago, this is an example of ‘doing well’ and many parties will celebrate as a victory.”

In August, a demonstration in Berlin against the German government corona virus– other restrictions, hundreds of right wings The protesters passed through the barrier and tried to seize the country’s parliament. Despite the surprise, police were able to return the group within minutes.

As of Jan. 6, many dangerous methods have grown with many members if not hundreds, many of them began to share messages with each other for the first time.

Jason Blazakis, senior researcher at the Soufan Center, told BuzzFeed News that communication between foreign nationals living far away and those living in the United States has been a thing of the past. But after a revolt last week, “these connections can be strained because of what appears to be a right-handed operation,” he said.

Sergei Korotkikh, a Belarusian-born Neo-Nazi and leader of the Azov faction in Ukraine, which the State Department has dubbed the anti-apartheid movement, backed up the plot in a televised campaign. “Now the whites, they have decided to take action and are taking over the Capitol house,” he wrote to his nearly 23,000 followers. “That’s fine, though this time it won’t do anything. But I think this gives us the whites still here and we know what to do.”

Elsewhere, Korotkikh shared the image in red, white, and cloud text, “Make America Hate Again.”

Azov has worked hard for the past five years to grow It connects with Europeans in Europe and America. One of them is American diplomat Robert Rundo of the Rise Above Movement. Rundo and other RAM members participated in the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville in August 2017. One group of RAM Rounds, Vincent James Foxx, was he says seen in riot at Capitol.

The list, however, did not exist. He is currently living in Serbia to avoid US prosecution in Charlottesville and California lawsuits, he condoned the violence through his Telegraph channel, so that the protests could continue to advance whites.

“Most of us have talked incessantly about the opportunities we see today. For those who want to stand up for today, it could be a day,” he wrote to more than 4,000 subscribers.

That is what one close friend said, a Russian war veteran and a Nazi, Denis Nikitin, who lives in Ukraine. Nikitin, whose White Rex clothing company is known among US whites, comparing the riot to 1925 at the Klux Klan Marichi down Pennsylvania Avenue.

While it seems that international developers are currently only giving encouragement to those in the United States, Blazakis said they will soon provide more than that.

“I see foreign athletes providing support to the most active US participants in the future – if that doesn’t happen already,” he said. “Since there are no terrorist groups on the right that have been approved by the US government, nothing can stop the growth of the economy. This is a great risk.”

Kutner found US religious groups that are raising money to help those involved in the attacks. BuzzFeed News saw four right-handed foreign accounts on Telegram communications at pay-per-click meetings.

Miller-Idriss has said that unless US officials take terrorists to the Capitol and those who encouraged them, including Trump, to shed more blood potential – in the US and abroad.

“It is very important to send a strong message that this kind of violence is against the government and they will be prosecuted in all cases,” he said.

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