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14 Occasionally, People enjoy eating


Combine torpedo oil with boiling water.



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Especially dormice – you know, the beautiful Disney look with big eyes and fat bodies – was a popular flavor among high in Ancient Rome. They are satisfied with the sale of the rich, who eat them cooked with honey and poppy seeds, or covered with other meat.



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Just like black pudding isn’t really good, experts have revealed this Spartans loved to eat pork blood, salt, and vinegar. It is known as the Spartan black sauce, and even the dignitaries who go to Sparta could not suck it.


Torpedo Oil

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In this film Light House, all of them apply paraffin (kerosene lamp), but there are no reports of electricians doing this. WWII sailors, however, ate another called the waters of Torpedo, which is essentially a place to sell lemon, pineapple sauce, and 180-degree alcohol-based beer used as fuel in torpedos!


Beaver’s tail

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Did you know that people like to eat? tails of beavers inside Lent? In the 17th century, the Catholic Church explained that since beavers were scarce, they were considered “fish” and could be eaten within 40 days, which is usually the case for Christians to stop eating meat.


Well-melted salads

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Americans in recent years cooked amazing salads, but one way it remains the most dangerous of all – “jell-o” salad. You usually have chicken or tuna, fruits, and vegetables covered with green lemons or other sweeteners.


Eagle (type of)

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Ambergris is especially intestinal slurry The whale is removed from the body after digesting animals such as squid. They appear to be lurking at the end of the whale and dry up in cold water. It was popular in Early Modern Europe, where it became a major tool in such things as ice cream.


Iguana Eggs

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The program of Mayan loved heavy, yolk eggs which – unlike most bird eggs – have firm, hard skin. The people of Mesoamerica cultivate black iguanas, which can stay out of the water longer than their green relatives, and harvest their eggs for food.


False bananas

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In Britain in the 1940s, food was scarce and people were forced to have food that unfortunately did not include much-needed fruit from the summer. As a result, the British people would make bananas with and add a banana item to the parsnips!



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In the late 70’s, McDonald’s started making “Onion Anuggets” – Small pieces of onion fried in batter. Onion bhajis are one thing, but I’m glad this has never happened before. Maccy D finally decided to go back to photography, and from then on he came up with the chicken tools we know and love today!


Lemon in milk

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It was once common in the US mix a little — sevens with cold milk to make a “soda milk”. In some parts of the UK, people, often Mix Coca-Cola with milk. I guess there are also floats of soda and egg oil, so a lot of milk is still alive and kicking!



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This amazing food from the Middle Ages is often associated with the Tudor dynasty in England, and consists of The top bag is sewn under capon or turkey. Then they would scrape and fry at the spit. Chimerical similarities were all the rage during this time, including “Roast Without Equal”, which burns 17 birds!


Leavened Sandwich

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In 1861, English author Isabella Beeton decided to include it A simple secret of relaxing sandwich inside Beeton Women’s Book on Family Management. With two slices of greased bread with dry yeast in the middle smeared with salt and pepper. AKA is Britain’s longest-running.


Refreshing Water

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The amazing use of toast in cooking does not stop there! Another 19th-century English mystery requires that the Brits eat more bread, then immerse in water for an hour until the water has a white skin. Then you just sip water and drink. I don’t know about you, but this one feels like he could be a fool in the future!


And in the end, some people.

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I meannnn, it doesn’t completely it amazes me that our ancestors probably ate thousands of years ago, but I’m talking about Europe in 16th and 17th centuries, during this time people often took medicines made from human bones, blood, and oil to cure any kind of ailment!


Jan. 10, 2021, time 22:45 PM

Well, so, in the past, it was wrong to say that the Catholic Church of the sixth century was supposed to eat rabbits that were not born during Lent, also known as ‘Laurices’. Although this has been a popular idea for years, and it would be an addition to the list, it’s a complete lie. I went back to where I found out that maybe only one person did this, and no one thought he was normal at the time. Thanks to our readers for explaining this!

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