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US punishes four Ukrainian nationals accused of working in Russia | Conflict Issues

The Biden regime is targeting Ukrainian citizens, including two lawmakers, who are said to be working to destabilize the country.

The United States has imposed sanctions on four Ukrainian citizens, including two lawmakers, accusing them of working on behalf of Russian law enforcement agencies to “disrupt” Ukraine in advance. Russian Revolution of the world.

Washington announced this Thursday, promising to join Kyiv in “recognizing, disclosing and forcing” Ukrainian citizens working directly in Moscow.

U.S. sanctions against Taras Kozak and Oleg Voloshyn, two members of the Ukrainian parliament, and Vladimir Sivkovich and Volodymyr Oliynyk, two former officials.

“This is aimed at addressing, illuminating, and mitigating Russia’s disruptive activities in Ukraine,” the state department said in a statement.

“It is different and different from the many ways in which the United States and its allies and allies are ready to force them to spend more money on Russia’s economy and economy if they can destroy Ukraine.”

The Biden government refers to the Russian invasion of Ukraine as “another invasion” because Russia took over Ukraine. Crimea Peninsula in 2014 and soon assisted isolated militants in the east of the country.

Russian troops have been gathering troops near the country’s border with Ukraine, triggering US and European fears that Russia is preparing to attack a neighboring country.

Washington warns Moscow of “great results”If they pass through and interfere.

Russia has denied any attempt to seize Ukraine, but has strongly denied any involvement with NATO. Moscow wants it security guarantees that the US-led military alliance would stop its growth in the east into the former Soviet Union – which Washington has rejected as “unprofessional”.

Negotiations between US and Russian officials and talks between Russia and NATO earlier this month failed to resolve the issue. US officials say they are still seeking talks with Russia to resolve the crisis.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and to meet Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Geneva on Friday. Blinken he warned Thursday that any “violence” from Russia to Ukraine will face a “quick, dangerous, cohesive” response from the US and its allies.

Meanwhile, in a statement issued Thursday, the US Treasury Government accused Kozak – one of the two members of parliament in Ukraine – of spreading false information through a number of channels in Ukraine.

He also said that Voloshyn “had worked with Russian actors to overthrow Ukrainian government officials and represented Russia” and criticized Oliynyk for gathering information on construction in Ukraine instead of Russia.

For his part, Sivkovich “worked with a team of Russian intellectuals to carry out his duties”, including efforts to get Kyiv legally granted to Crimea in Moscow, the US Treasury reports.

The crashes impede the assets of those expected in the US and make it illegal for American citizens to do business.

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