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US Navy seizes large arms off the Arabian Sea | War Stories

The US Navy will seize large Russian and Chinese weapons on an illegal ship sailing in the international waters of the Arabian Sea.

The US Fifth Fleet, based in Bahrain, said on Sunday a naval pilot under the auspices of the USS Monterey hijacked the boat and found the cargo during a two-day shipping on May 6-7.

“Weapons included a number of advanced anti-tank missiles against Russian tanks, 56,000 Chinese rifles, and hundreds of PKM machine guns, sniper rifles and rocket-propelled grenades,” it said in a statement.

The arms are in the hands of the United States and their source is being investigated, it said.

Fifth Fleet said Monterey operates 36 hours a day, providing protection to climbing crews.

“After unlawfully removing all the goods, the boat was checked for safety and after consulting with the crew they were given food and water before being released.”

Dhow is a passenger ship carrying civilians in the Middle East.

The statement did not say where the ship must have come from, but said regular U.S. Navy supervisors in the area “disrupt the movement of illegal goods that often pay for terrorism and illegal activities”.

It was the last law closed by American sailors in the midst of a long war in Yemen. The navy did not know where they believed it had been sent.

However, the number of weapons loaded on the dhow showed some US seized possession by the region’s armed forces, which were later said to be heading for Yemen, where Houthi-linked militants of Houthi have been battling the Saudi-led Saudi regime since then. 2015.

Yemen is littered with small arms that have been smuggled into unsupervised ports over many years of war.

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