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What if Traction Is a Double Factor?


As far as Astronomers may be able to understand, the universe speaks two conflicting languages: one of gravity and the other. Space curves tell the planets and humans the way to collapse, while all other groups come from other sources.

Albert Einstein first spoke of the force of gravity in the pursuit of space in the same sense. Many critics think that gravity also moves us through tiny particles, called gravitons, but attempts to rewrite Einstein’s theory using quantum laws have often been in vain. Conflicts between the armed forces are running high, and the complete combination of the two grammar seems remote.

In recent years, however, this amazing tool known as the “double copy” has become quite popular in transforming other gravitational groups, such as gravitons and black holes, into uniforms.

Leron Borsten, a scientist at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, said: “There are differences among us in the world, and this is preventing these differences.”

Although the unambiguous mathematical relationship between gravity and the force of gravity does not make sense, it allows astronomers to take impossible calculations and establish a common ground.

A John Joseph Carrasco, a scientist at Northwestern University, said that anyone who spends time with the second copy comes in the belief that “it comes from a way of understanding gravity.”

Gravity Against Rest

One side of the original physics divides the electrical energy, the energy and the energy. It all comes down to its carrier (or carrier) and the other type of particles that respond to. For example, electricity uses photons to circulate the particles we control, while the energy is transmitted by gluons that use small particles.

Astronomers are able to explain everything that happens to these forces just as the scattering particles do. The process can start with tiny objects that come close, and end with small flying objects. There is, in particular, a great connection that can take place in the middle. But theorists have learned to design accurate dangerous prophecies by prioritizing simple, transparent methods.

At one end of the spectrum is gravity, which rebels against this type of support.

The Gravitons take over for themselves, forming a connection, similar to Escher. They are also prone to sexual misconduct that would make the bunny feel embarrassed. When gravitons are mixed, their quantity can be released, resulting in a prefabricated plot that is used for other purposes. Simply write the formulas for small objects with strong gravity and slang.

But the two methods of copying are like a back door.

Zvi Bern and Lance Dixon, then Carrasco and Henrik Johansson, developed this approach in the 2000s, going forward old work on the idea of ​​cables, the complete doctrine of gravity. On ropes, O-shaped ropes representing gravitons resemble S-shaped ropes corresponding to other power carriers. Researchers have found that the task of simultaneously differentiating between many sounds becomes increasingly difficult when it involves listening to human speech.

When calculating all that can happen during a scattering of particles, the mathematical word that represents each connection is divided into two parts, as the number 6 divides 2 × 3. The first part describes the type of force in question; for a strong group, the term refers to a property called a type. The second term refers to the movement of tiny particles.

To make two notes, you discard the color and convert it with the words kinematics, turning 2 × 3 into 3 × 3. If 6 describes the effects of a dynamic event, then two notes tell us that 9 will be equal to the same event of graviton.

Both of these texts have Achilles’ heel: Before doing so, theorists should rewrite the extra words of kinematics in a form that seems like a long time. This change is complex and may not always be possible because the figure is designed to be inclusive. But if kinematics is compelling, gaining gravity is as easy as changing 2 × 3 to 3 × 3.


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