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Since Donald Trump’s administration ended with a violent attack on the US Capitol that left five people dead, the country and its leadership have considered how to deal with a “new” terrorist threat. Bipartisan pilot projects sponsored by President Joe Biden seek to upgrade US Intelligence equipment that is already out of stock.

Human rights activists and black defenders, immigrants and Muslims have urged them to be cautious. Nonetheless, some argue that human rights activists say that activists for equal rights and human rights should not be concerned about increased US scrutiny and the fight against terrorism.

He is wrong. A new report published by Project South, an organization that promotes black culture, describes US history, practices, and laws and their coverage of black, immigrant, and / or Muslim territories, and in particular the US South. Marital Intelligence: The History, Law, and Practice of the US Surveillance Against Muslim, Black, and Immigrant Communities and Contemporary Strategies of Resistance are designed as a practical guide for community developers, lawyers, freedom fighters, and all those affected by the real consequences of massive government growth. of control in the US.

Many agree with the government’s anti-Muslim crackdown on the United States and the 9/11 threats and the “war” that followed. But the fact is that black Muslims and immigrants were persecuted long before that.

After the first world war, the United States government, which was committed to the cause, allowed many Muslims to be deported. For example, after the US government passed anti-apartheid laws such as the National Origins Act of 1924, banning non-whites and non-Christians, the FBI began regulating the Muslim and Islamic group based on blacks and Africans. movements that oppose white supremacy. During World War II, the US government hated black Islamic organizations, claiming that they could not negotiate with the Japanese government. And after the war, black leaders, Indians, and refugees, black Muslims and Arab freedom fighters were among the freedom fighters and human rights groups controlled by the evil FBI political program, COINTELPRO.

The Senate Election Committee that examined COINTELPRO in the 1970’s, called the Church Committee, found that a number of factors had led to “lawbreakers becoming lawbreakers.” The exposure of the COINTELPRO Church Violence Committee brought about a number of changes, including laws governing government surveillance and internal guidelines that hindered FBI investigators and clarified the rules of the law.

The nominal changes, however, did not stop the growth of the US-controlled country for a long time. Following the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the horror of the Oklahoma City bombing, the government vigorously reintroduced government restrictions on monitoring and deporting civilians, often from many Muslim countries. In 1996, the Antiterrorism Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA) was signed into law, which prohibits prisoners from dealing with illegal activities.

The regulatory body was urged to comply with the 9/11 threats and the “war on terror”. The unveiling of a series of government crackdowns on anti-terrorism measures, from surveillance and mass reporting of Muslims torturing detainees in the black areas of Guantanamo and the CIA, has brought about a number of changes. However, many government officials summoned, prosecuted, and persecuted Muslims and others after 9/11 are still in the literature to this day.

Acts of kindness and compassion in many Muslim lands, such as the Palestinians living under Israeli rule, have been reduced to aids in killing “terrorism”. The young Muslim political ideology is being asked in court to state that it is ready to commit “terrorism”. Hundreds of black Muslims and / or immigrants, many of whom have had their problems tortured by educators, have been caught in the FBI scandal that contradicts Hollywood’s stupid entertainment.

And the development of regulatory authorities under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) continues to allow government agents to avoid criminal laws against people suspected of being “terrorists”.

Since the incident in COINTELPRO, the courts, Congress, and the general assembly have always had limited powers to illuminate the public beyond the fourth quarter when oversight was “primarily” to gather foreign intelligence and not the purpose of prosecution. Under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the government had to convince a federal judge that the regulatory target was a foreign national under the control of a US citizen or resident or occurred on US soil. This rule was always oppressed, but it was relatively few in number.

But after 9/11, all branches of the US government changed completely and eventually changed FISA for public scrutiny. The law was amended to allow for the “gathering of foreign scholars” although it was not the main objective of the investigation. Congress enacted Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act, which provides for the collection of telephone numbers and for the collection of other business and financial records. And after the disclosure of the data collection of information relating to US communications providers and the main agency, Congress did nothing to stop the President but passed the FISA Amendments Act of 2007. The amendment allowed the main agency to get permission from the FISA court to review the world, including collecting personal photos, text messages, emails, and combining emails / passwords to be stored by the NSA.

In violation of FISA’s privacy policy, secret court decisions allowed a number of monitoring programs that entered metadata into the phone and linked millions of emails to Americans and others – including spyware programs that seized private and public communications. A number of government agencies and agencies record and maintain records of non-violence.

Across the U.S. South, blacks and / or Muslims are experiencing difficulties as a result of this analysis. In Florida, black Muslims affiliated with the Moorish Science Temple were caught in a “terrorist” conspiracy, including one that blew up the Sears Tower in Chicago, where their stupidity was ridiculed even by their judge, while a Palestinian American professor was accused of “robbery” – in the end the judges acquit or dismiss any case – almost entirely of its political affiliation. In Georgia, young Muslims were subjected to constant persecution, eventually being convicted of terrorism, and imprisoned for their online speeches and emigration. In North Carolina, a young Muslim who strongly opposed US and Israeli politics has been in prison for decades for terrorist attacks by prosecutors who used FISA investigations for undisclosed reasons. And he says all over the country, like the rest of the country, they have set up big data processing businesses to share information with government agencies and create mechanisms that allow for discrimination.

These protests continued beyond the Bush administration throughout the Obama and Trump regimes. Among other things, Trump’s administration wants to use the FBI’s anti-terrorism campaign to crack down on black protesters at George Floyd’s protests. One would expect that many of these practices are unacceptable in a democracy. But, as the Project South report shows, the U.S. law is targeting blacks, foreigners, and Muslims, mainly because state law firms already have a lot of intelligence.

From the Supreme Court’s decision in Laird vs Tatum (1972) to state that public scrutiny, in itself, does not violate the First Commandment, appearing as the so-called Third Doctrine, allowing for the enlightenment of what is described to a third party – including telecommunications companies – FISA, the government has been able to implement the law to ensure that all are monitored and avoid the consequences, even in violation of the law.

Just as the previous regime has been used to deal with those affected by government repression, the Democratic Party’s approach to the Trump administration could exacerbate the problem.

But even though the Democratic Party has been intimidated by intellectual weapons, blacks, Muslims, and / or people from all over the world have come up with solutions.

In Los Angeles, local organizers shut down the 2018 efforts of the city council to fund one of several “Violence Violence” (CVE) programs – designed to curb violence but aimed at investigating and prosecuting young people from predominantly Muslim backgrounds. In the San Francisco Bay Area, gangs managed to force local police departments to end a deal with the “Joint Terrorism Task Force” in 2017. In Georgia, a coalition of migrant rights activists closed down a mechanism that would share student education with students. federal and federal law enforcement agencies in 2019. And in some places, Muslims have been able to cause trouble for the FBI’s intelligence gathering by refusing to participate.

The establishment of the Democratic Party should submit to these leaders. But even if they do not, the parties in all areas must be prepared to deal with other threats from the regulatory authority.

The ideas expressed in this article are for the benefit of the authors only and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor of Al Jazeera.


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