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Sony has sold 7.5 million PS5 units since its inception


In the last five months, and in spite of all that is happening right now, Sony has sold 7.8 million PlayStation 5 units. The news comes as part of the company’s recent financial reports, which show that the company changed 3.3 million dots between January and March. At the same time, the company also upgraded PS4 million, promoting corporate game development.

The plague has changed many people’s habits, and they have played a role in benefiting from the plight of many people living at home. There are 47.6 million PlayStation Plus subscribers, and the company also reported approximately 109 million PlayStation Network users in the past three months. And while game sales were low compared to quarterback vacations, many of them dropped in numbers.

Instead, the only thing that seems to be holding Sony back right now is being able to make these consoles enough for people to buy.

As for the company, Sony also reported a jump in sales and total revenue compared to the same three months last year. The latter figure rose from 12.6 billion Yen ($ 116 million) to 107 billion ($ 983 million), mainly due to the company’s game divisions, as well as its financial share. Less credit is being paid to the Sony video segment, which has faced similar challenges across all companies through 2020.

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