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US Holocaust Museum says China ‘could kill people’ | Uighur Stories

A recent report states that Beijing is committing ‘several crimes against the people’ against the Uighur group.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has released a report on the increase government oppression against Uighur Muslims in the western region of Xinjiang in China.

The report, released Tuesday, “shows the serious concern of the museum that the Chinese government could assassinate Uighurs,” the Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide said in a statement.

The oppression described in detail in this report, has been most recent in recent years an overflow of judgments Beijing’s policy on Uighurs, including cases of forced birth control, sexual violence, slavery, torture and forced relocation.

These findings serve as an update on the agency’s previous report. It also said that there is a “clear reason” to believe that previously reported cases are growing within the Chinese authorities’ campaign to cover up their threats in response to international criticism.

The report, which provides eyewitness testimony, public information from protesters and accounts provided by human rights groups, stated that “recent reports show that the Chinese government has done more than coerce people.”

“This includes, in particular, increased Uighur women’s reproductive capacity through forced contraception and forced intrauterine device (IUD) placement and segregation of men and women through multiple prisons and forced relocation,” the report said, using another script. for Uighurs.

Tom Bernstein, chairman of the Anti-Conservative Committee at the Museum, told The Associated Press, “The Chinese government has done everything in its power to keep the details of anti-Uighur cases out of the public eye.”

He called on Beijing to “stop attacking the Uighur people and allow independent observers around the world to investigate and ensure that these cases are stopped.”

Calling for an opportunity

Beijing has repeatedly denied allegations of human rights abuses, imprisonment, and other atrocities in the region, saying its principles are necessary to “fight extremism” and to promote economic growth for Uighur and a few other Muslims.

Meanwhile, the US and several other states have previously stated that China’s actions against Xinjiang’s Uighur Muslims and a minority group are genocide.

In October, 43 countries again called China allowing independent viewers to “reach faster, more meaningful and more indefinitely” in Xinjiang.

This comes after the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, told the UN Human Rights Council in September that China had again rejected a request for a visit to the region.

In response to the countries’ request, China’s ambassador to the United Nations Zhang Jun accused critics of spreading “false” and “false” lies.

He also criticized the US and other Western countries for “using human rights as an excuse to provoke conflict”.

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