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AstraZeneca is committed to the vaccination business with new segments

AstraZeneca is developing a new component of the vaccine and antibody treatment while the manufacturer is committed to the business even though it started with difficulty due to the launch of the Covid-19.

The Anglo-Swedish company has confirmed the development of vaccines and immunizations, saying it will bring together research and development, manufacturing, marketing and medical teams.

“The team will commit to our Covid-19 vaccine, our long-acting antibody combination and our development vaccine to address a number of complications, as well as previous cases of respiratory viral infections, ”it said.

The new division will be led by Iskra Reić, who is now the second vice president of Europe and Canada.

The move comes after the vaccine, also known as Vaxzevria, became ill. several obstacles earlier this year, including delays due to manufacturing problems, concerns about the highly desired effects of blood clots and controversies over the many factors that contribute to its effectiveness.

In May, chief Pascal Soriot adauza Financial Times that they believe the vaccine “has a future” but the company had not yet decided what to do with it over time. “At first I expected that by now we would have known, but we have had a lot to do and we have encountered a few obstacles,” he said.

Initially, AstraZeneca did not look like a well-known partner at Oxford University because it only developed one vaccine, sprayed it on the nose to prevent the flu, and thus did not have the necessary basis for developing a traditional vaccine.

Experts say the new phase is a sign that the drug manufacturer will continue to sell vaccines, developed by the University of Oxford, beyond the epidemic, as its contract allows making a profit.

One of the people warned that no additional funding is associated with the restructuring and said that one benefit would be to allow Soriot to look at other highly profitable businesses, such as oncology.

Another said “it is just a combination of wealth and leadership over a few things in the group and it does not indicate where they are going to get vaccinated”.

The company is still awaiting approval by the US Food and Drug Administration almost a year after competitors received an emergency use permit. Many EU countries have stopped or banned the use of the shotgun.

Even the UK, which used the vaccine in the beginning, has decided to use Pfizer jabs as a stimulant. The European Medicines Agency is still reviewing the use of AstraZeneca shooting as a supplement.

With Pfizer gaining market share in the most lucrative markets, which has led to an increase in its revenue projections from the Covid-19 shooting to $ 36bn this year, AstraZeneca is expected to generate about $ 4.2bn, according to health estimates. Airfinity analytics team. AstraZeneca, which will announce its third-quarter findings on Friday, has released more than 1.9bn ratings for its low-cost shooting.

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