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US draws antimissile batteries from Middle East: Report | Stories by Joe Biden

As tensions intensify with Iran, Biden officials are trying to put U.S. military forces on equal footing, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The Biden government is eliminating Patriot antimissile batteries in four Middle Eastern countries as the U.S. cuts its weapons in the region by reducing tensions with Iran, a U.S. newspaper reported on Friday.

The Pentagon draws about eight antriissile batteries from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait and Jordan, as well as a Saudi Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) strategy sent by Trump officials, the Wall Street Journal reported. citing unnamed US officials.

The distribution also includes hundreds of U.S. military operators and began earlier this month following a June 2 announcement when US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin informed Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of the changes, according to The Journal.

The release of anti-gun batteries ensures a return to normal safety in a region where the US continues to store thousands of dollars despite reducing power supplies Afghanistan and Iraq, says the Journal.

“We have our organizations in our partner countries in the Gulf, they are not closing, there is a lot of availability, stability in the region,” a security official told the Journal.

US shipped Patriot antimissile batteries and troops to Saudi Arabia after Iran drone attacks hit oil rigs in Saudi Arabia and Iraq in 2020 after the proliferation of weapons and rockets increased to U.S. and Iranian forces and Iranian-backed forces.

The U.S. military has acknowledged that more than that 109 groups in the US suffered casualties and brain damage in the Iranian war that was shot down by Ain al-Assad’s forces in Iraq following a US plane attack that killed General Qassem Soleiman in Iran.

President Joe Biden, who took over from former President Donald Trump in January, has tried to escalate tensions in the Middle East and US ambassadors have been secretly negotiating with Iran over a renewal of Iran’s nuclear deal.

The US and Iran ambassador is doing sixth round in Vienna earlier this month as Iran is considering a re-enactment of the 2015 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in exchange for US economic sanctions.

Trump has withdrawn from Iran’s nuclear deal unanimously and has launched a “very coercive” campaign in Tehran in which Biden officials have failed to achieve their goals and have led Iran to boost nuclear weapons development.

The Iranians were voting Friday The new president to replace President Hassan Rouhani who had promoted a nuclear deal with the US in 2015.

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