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Google may also increase Bluetooth awareness in its Get My Device application

Google may be working to improve the Android Get My Device functionality to match Apple’s Find My Network network capabilities. Hosting API download new release for Play Games, 9to5Google found evidence of an API called Spot. The store helped the app get a “Find My Device” feature to display on Android options.

As many Android users know, Google mobile devices already have the Find My Device app that allows your phone to use WiFi or mobile connectivity to help you detect if you have installed it incorrectly. Apple’s Find My Network is rising in price by adding Bluetooth and over-the-counter until mixing. Lost Apple and third-party devices It can announce the shortcuts that the latest iOS devices send to Apple’s servers to help you find something lost.

In a nutshell, Google is planning to create a matching network. As the company progresses with the project, it is unclear how effective the platform will be. For example, can it work with devices from both Android and Wear OS manufacturers or those developed by Google? How to connect to the network is no longer known. 9to5Google believes that Google will release the Spot app, even though the website could not determine the purpose of the app.

Like all APK teardowns, we show that there is no guarantee that we will see Spot become something that Google gives people. At the same time, it would not be fair to see a company change Find My Device this way. Other than that, it did the same with Android Beam and the release of Proximity Section. Either way, we have reached out to Google for feedback, and we will change the story when we hear about the company.

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