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US airport disruptions continue as more than 2,600 flights have been canceled | Coronavirus Plague News

FlightAware reports that more than 2,600 trips to the US and nearly 4,600 flights worldwide were suspended on Saturday.

Air travel continued to be severely disrupted in the United States on Saturday, bad weather in some parts of the country adding to the growing exposure to COVID-19-induced Omicron virus.

The US had 2,604 banned flights, with more than half of the 4,529 flights canceled worldwide, just after 4:30 pm (2130 GMT), according to the FlightAware website.

In addition, 3,447 home visits were delayed on Saturday, out of 7,602 worldwide on the same day.

The plane most affected by the US was the Southwest, which had to shut down 13 percent of its flight time, according to the website.

In the US, airports in Chicago were heavily affected by the inclement weather, with snow expected in the area Saturday and night.

Airlines around the world are still fascinated by Omicron’s highly contagious brand.

Many pilots, airline crews, and other employees are unemployed after receiving COVID-19, or because they live in isolation after meeting an infected person.

About 7,500 flights were grounded around the world over the weekend over Christmas.

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