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Ukraine says evidence shows Russia launched cyberattack | Cybersecurity issues

Kyiv criticizes Russia for waging a ‘mixed war’ against Microsoft after a number of computers in government agencies had a malware program.

Ukraine says it has evidence that Russia was behind a cyberattack what has disrupted its official websites is that Moscow is waging a “mixed war” against it.

“All the evidence shows that Russia is the cause of cyberattack,” the Ministry of Computer Development said on Sunday, just a day after Microsoft said many computer machines in an anonymous group of Ukrainian government agencies were infected with a malicious malware program known as ransomware. .

The revelation said that the impressive destruction of official pages last week was a distraction.

“Moscow continues to fight a mixed war and strengthens its power on the masses and on the internet,” the statement said.

The attack comes as Russia faces charges about gathering 100,000 troops near the Ukrainian border, in an attempt to commit from the West that the former Soviet Union would not join NATO.

Russian and US officials this week held talks in Geneva but did nothing, with Washington’s warning over the weekend that Moscow could put up false flags within weeks to launch an attack.

Russia has been repeatedly warned by Western authorities of “excessive” consequences if it attacks Ukraine again, though this may serve as a sanction instead of a war.

Microsoft said in a short blog post Saturday that it detected a malware program on Thursday.

This is in line with a conspiracy that has temporarily shut down 70 official Ukrainian government websites.

Microsoft stated in another way, technically that the systems involved “originate from multiple governments, nonprofits, and information organizations”. It said it did not know how many organizations in Ukraine or elsewhere might be affected but said it hoped to learn more about the disease.

Kyiv cybersecurity chief Oleh Derevianko told the Associated Press that the intruders had entered the federal courts through a program-sharing team in the uprising as a 2020 SolarWinds Russian cyberespionage campaign targeting the US government.

In 2017, Russia targeted Ukraine with one of the most destructive computer terrorists infected with the NotPetya virus, which cost more than $ 10bn worldwide. This virus, which also hides as a redemption, was a “wiper” that removes all networks.

In a cybercrime on Friday, a message left by the attackers said they destroyed the data and posted it online, which Ukrainian officials said did not happen.

The message told the people of Ukraine to “panic and expect the worst”.

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