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European sales of electric cars outperform diesel models for the first time

The sale of electric vehicles in Europe surpassed diesel types for the first time in December, an initial estimate has been shown, as drivers continued to select gas-powered cars based on oil-based pollutants polluted by the 2015 Volkswagen crash.

More than one-fifth of all new cars sold in 18 European markets, including the UK, are powered by batteries, according to data compiled by Financial Times and independent analyst Matthias Schmidt, while diesel cars sell for less than 19%.

Thanks to generous government assistance in Germany and elsewhere, as well as stricter laws enacted in 2020 that force EU manufacturers to sell less expensive cars, the sale of electricity is growing exponentially.

Occurring in the last quarter of last year, Tesla proved to be more capable than its competitors to match the semiconductor electric bottles by delivering a 309,000 electric motor record.

Car manufacturers in Europe also pushed to sell electric vehicles in December to reduce the number of their ships and avoid fines from Brussels, having failed to make the most profitable brands – especially the most expensive SUVs – in times of crisis.

As a result, 176,000 battery-powered electric cars were sold in western Europe that month – a regular record – and more than 6 percent more than the number sold in December 2020. By comparison, about 160,000 diesel sold last month. about 2021.

Sales of diesel vehicles have been steadily declining since Volkswagen was found to have cheated on diesel engine emissions installed in 11m vehicles. At the time, diesel vehicles accounted for more than half of all vehicles provided in 18 European countries surveyed.

“Diesel deaths have been a recurring theme since September 2015 when ‘Dieselgate’ was first unveiled – which prompted VW to launch its first ID.3 plan within 30 days of the demolition,” said Schmidt, referring to the Volkswagen electric car, which has been on sale since 2020.

Volkswagen alone retained its status as the leading electric car manufacturer in western Europe last year, selling more than 310,000 batteries in the region by 2021, up from 3.5m in total.

While a number of electric vehicles attracted new customers, banning old diesel cars in other cities and increased diesel taxes in major markets also disrupted the sale of diesel cars, Schmidt added.

The re-sale of diesel cars in Germany – Europe’s largest automotive market – is still unknown, as the new federal government has confirmed its intention to reconsider its fuel tax, which currently makes diesel at about 14 cents per liter cheaper than fossil fuels.

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