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UK PM wants to break COVID rules while threatening responsibility | Boris Johnson News

Reports say a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson could be reached on Wednesday.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce a reduction in the country’s COVID-19 ban, in a bid to appease members of the ruling Conservative party as it tries to address potential conflicts on its behalf. party revelations at his home during the closing periods 2020 and 2021.

Johnson’s cabinet will also review existing restrictions – which were imposed last month during an Omicron operation – at a meeting Wednesday, according to UK reports.

He plans to announce an election at the House of Commons this afternoon as he hopes the government will end domestic chores and reduce entry rules for nightclubs and nightclubs for people with vaccinations.

Given the sheer number of COVID cases went up by more than 218,000 in early January, disease in the UK has declined steadily. More recent government reports have revealed more than 94,000 cases on January 18.

Removal of the ban was welcomed by many in his party who want to return to a normal life while Johnson wants to have the terrorists exposed by a series of disclosures about criminal parties at 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s office. .

Anger at the Prime Minister continues as the right-wing wings of the Daily Telegraph and ITV News claim that the required number of 54 signatures from members of his party who want to undermine his leadership may be up to Wednesday.

About 20 Conservatives voted in the 2019 general election are set to send a “no-confidence” letter to Johnson, according to the Telegraph.

Under Conservative law, voting for a party leader could begin if 54 party members write to the party leader asking for action.

Johnson’s office did not respond Tuesday to a request for comment.

His former aide Dominic Cummings had previously accused Johnson of lying, saying he had been warned not to engage in “alcohol festivals” during a jail term. When asked by Sky News about what Cummings said, Johnson refused to lie.

“No one warned me that it was illegal,” he said.

Officials in Johnson’s administration said they believed in his refusal – but added The Prime Minister must resign if he is proved guilty.

Senior government official Sue Gray is investigating alleged political offenses, including a boozy The May 2020 event in the Downing Street field is a report on “Friday Wine Time”.

‘Warned in advance’

Cummings said he was prepared to “swear” that the Prime Minister had been warned in advance that the party would violate the coronavirus ban, which at the time prevented people from meeting more than one person outside their family.

Mr Johnson told parliament last week he had taken part in the ceremony, which was called “bring your own beer” by inviting 100 people and its secretary general. But he said he saw it as a work meeting that was in line with the law.

Gray is due to announce the end of the month at parties. These predictions have provoked public outcry, disbelief and ridicule, and they have caused people to fight for their jobs.

Johnson’s spokesman Max Blain said the Prime Minister was supportive of legislation in the Ministry “when it came to deliberately misleading the House”.

Johnson’s future in politics could be based on the word “knowing”.

In his apologetic apology for the allegations, Johnson admitted “wrongdoing” but did not admit to breaking the law.

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