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Two large earthquakes shook southern Iran in one minute; one dead | Earthquake Stories

Severe earthquakes were also heard in nearby areas, as well as in Dubai.

Tehran, Iran – Two powerful earthquakes have hit southern Iran in a row, killing one person and sending frightened people running through the streets.

Esmaeil Bayramnejad, head of the Iranian Seismological Center, told television that two strong earthquakes of 6.4 and 6.3 struck one minute in the vicinity of Qeshm Island, near the port of Bandar Abbas, Sunday afternoon.

The quakes occurred in neighboring states, including Kerman, as well as in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Several earthquakes were reported in the following hours in Iran.

The victim died when a lightning bolt hit him as he was walking down the street in Bandar Abbas. TV shows also showed parts of Mount Geno in the fallen Bandar Abbas.

Emergency services officials told state television that no casualties or serious damage had been reported so far.

“We were working when we heard that the house was shaking violently,” one girl told state television. “We thought it would be over soon but it lasted for 30 seconds so it ended.”

Electricity and internet connection have been cut off in the affected areas, with some areas also facing the problem of mobile phones. Officials said they had been connected recently.

President Ebrahim Raisi convened an cabinet meeting to discuss ways to ensure the affected areas are safe. He also ordered his first deputy, Mohammad Mohkber, to travel to Hormozgan to assess the situation.

Eerily, the quakes come just a day after the deputy mayor of Tehran Municipality announced that a massive 13-hectare cemetery is preparing to house the victims of a potentially deadly earthquake in the capital.

Experts have been warning for years that one day Tehran could be hit by a massive earthquake as it is close to error.

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