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Twitter Says It Can’t Stop Journalists, Security Officials, And Politicians In India To Protect Free Speech

Twitter has told the Indian government that it will not ban the accounts of journalists, freedom fighters, and Indian politicians, even though they have received a law from the government. However, I forbid anonymous accounts that do not fall into these categories to be seen in this country.

Mu blog post published Tuesday, the company said that although it had retained some accounts that the Indian government wanted to ban, it would not ban others because doing so would be in violation of free speech.

“Because we do not believe that what we are commanded to do is in line with Indian law, and, in line with our principles of protection of free speech and freedom of expression, we have not acted on any media with new media organizations, journalists, politicians, and politicians,” Twitter said. We hope that in doing so, they are violating their right to freedom of expression in accordance with Indian law. ”

The Twitter story comes in the wake of a crackdown on the Indian government, the company’s main market, banning accounts on the platform. Earlier this month, the company banned Indians on seeing more than 250 accounts in the country after receiving emergency approval from India’s IT ministry. Among the closed accounts was Caravan, a research magazine; opponents of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi; as well as tweeting accounts in support of the farmers ’demonstrations that are rocking the country.

But Twitter reintroduced the accounts six hours later, arguing with the Indian government that the accounts were free to speak and were known. In response, the government intimidation Twitter officials have been fined and sentenced to seven years in prison for violating the law.

Fighting against the Indian government putting Twitter in solid place. Banning accounts means the potential for anti-apartheid, freedom of speech, and official Indian state media. But denigrating the government means putting pressure on the courts.

In the file of blog post Published Tuesday, Twitter has taken steps to curb hashtags containing malicious content on the platform, which the government fears could lead to real violence in the middle of the show, and suspend more than 500 illegal Twitter accounts.

But the file for post it also shows that Twitter wants to amend the law to reinstate some of the banned accounts in the country.

“We will continue to promote freedom of expression on behalf of the people we serve and we are actively seeking decisions in accordance with Indian law – both Twitter and the affected accounts,” he wrote on Twitter. “We are committed to protecting the health of the conversations that are taking place on Twitter, and we strongly believe that Tweets should go a long way.”

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