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Twitter Communities hit Android four months later

Twitter Communities, theme groups reflect this , has arrived on Android. In the latest version of the Android Twitter app, you will be able to find groups about your interests and socialize with like-minded people.

There are various favorite areas such as plants, skincare, space, design, fashion, and R&B. Where you are where you can share yours more if you want to participate in the discussion without annoying your followers.

While users may not be able to set up their own site as easily as they would like, Facebook Group or subreddit, they can offer a new idea that they would like to create and edit. Twitter says it remembers them as it expands to more areas.

Twitter has some of its Area plans in 2022. For one thing, it looks at a third type of membership beyond just being invited and open to all, which users can ask to join. Admins and mods may allow them to enter or decline the request. Also in the pipeline there is a timeline (although the timeline is still available), Q & As and modes for displaying mods to showcase some of the best of the team.

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