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Stolen emails and harassment statements: how Attorney General Neil Gerrard was involved in serious cases

In December 2019, personal investigator Stuart Page left his mobile phone at home and boarded several trains to reach a hotel in the Swiss mountains, where he meets British lawyer Neil Gerrard.

They did not meet again during the winter break, but, according to Page, to try a false case after arranging a secret plot to hide in the Supreme Court.

The pair have been called to testify over alleged alleged relying on false documents to help a Middle East customer win a fraud case.

The lawsuit is now in full swing, with Page filing Gerrard in a legal document filed in a U.S. court last week covering the issue of burning cell phones, secret hotel accommodation and concealment that affects one of the world’s most powerful laws.

The Affidavit, seen by the Financial Times, is the latest in a series of high-profile cases, including torture and human rights abuses, presented to Gerrard, in connection with his work in the Middle East, all of which he denies.

Gerrard, who retired in 2020, and Dechert, a global law firm he joined in 2011, are now embroiled in litigation involving the most serious cases ever reported to a lawyer or company.

Neil Gerrard was one of London’s leading judges, joining Dechert on a $ 3-a-year fine.

Stolen emails and Middle Eastern businesses

Gerrard, a former police officer, was one of London’s highest-ranking judges, after agreeing with Dechert on a $ 3-a-year paycheck to direct his criminal activity.

He and Page worked together in a small United Arab Emirate called Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) to investigate the former treasurer of his treasury, Khater Massaad, whom the governor suspected of stealing, and was later convicted. Gerrard was hired in 2014 by Page a year later, according to his affidavit.

The RAK fund agreed in 2007 to help a Kansas pilot, Farhad Azima, set up a pilot training camp that closed several years later, and sells a hotel in Georgia.

The action was painful, and his relationship with Massaad put Azima in a prominent position for Gerrard and Page.

In 2016, the Emirate Fund, Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority (RAKIA), filed a lawsuit against Azima for £ 3.7m for fabricating fraud in the London High Court on a pilot school and breaching a hotel agreement.

RAKIA’s successful lawsuit against Azima took over stolen emails, which appeared online in 2016 as part of a so-called “hack and throw” scandal. In RAKIA testimony, Page and Gerrard testified that they had not acted on the information stolen through Israeli journalist Majdi Halabi, who also testified.

The judge said “there is no dispute” that RAKIA’s case against Azimia was based on evidence of fraud, but he allowed the evidence to be used. The women were found guilty of fraud and bribery in 2020 and ordered to pay more than $ 4m. He was later allowed to repeat what he said was the abduction of RAKIA, which is to be expected.

Last week Page said his testimony to Gerrard about emails was false. He also said in letters confirming that Amima’s documents came from Amit Forlit, a former Israeli soldier, who Page was paying for more information. According to Page’s affidavit, Forlit’s agents used clever methods to combine “escape routes”. Forlit did not respond to a request for comment.

An affidavit has been filed in court in Manhattan as part of an Advocate’s campaign to release documents from his RAKIA counterpart in the US.

He further added that Gerrard not only knew of the whereabouts of the Allies but also arranged a cover-up to cover his whereabouts to be used as evidence of success in the RAKIA High Court.

A sexual assault in a Swiss hotel

In December 2019, a few weeks before the Alim trial began, Page traveled to Switzerland to meet Gerrard, Halabi and Forlit. Page said in his official statement that he wanted to “avoid detection” – witnesses in cases in England should not discuss their testimony and it is not permissible to lie in court.

At the hotel, Gerrard led a mock trial, playing a judge and interrogator, according to the document, and the team used a private chef and wine.

One month later, Gerrard told the Supreme Court that the idea he relied on for the data he had stolen to make a case against Azima was. “nonsense”.

Allies have now sued Dechert and Gerrard, adding that they have been charged with felony criminal mischief, meaning they will be arraigned in the Supreme Court in 2023 and could face compulsion if they lose.

In his remarks, Dechert said: “We have no say in what is going on beyond what we are defending.”

Page will no longer face liability. The charge against him was dismissed on the basis of his amended statement.

Farhad Azima has been found guilty of fraud and bribery in 2020 and ordered to pay more than $ 4m © New York Times / edux / eyevine

Unusual cell phone use

Dechert and Gerrard are also gearing up for the results that are about to be released by a former ENRC client, part of a global mining group, that could result in financial penalties.

The ENRC has accused Gerrard of disclosing his secrets to the media and contacting the UK Serious Fraud Office to further investigate the allegations. Dechert and Gerrard argue this and in the defense files it is alleged that Gerrard found evidence of fraud, corruption and breach of penalties related to certain activities of the mining group and is merely performing his duties.

The lawsuit contains material that reveals the extent to which Gerrard may have been involved, including unusual practices as the former lawyer used several phones, all of which were provided by Dechert.

Records that were known in the case against former RAK’s legal adviser to the RAK governor, Karam Al Sadeq, revealed that Gerrard had used 26 firearms since 2012, six were lost and one of them was stolen.

Al Sadeq accused Gerrard and other Dechert colleagues of engaging in human rights abuses and violations of human rights. In a lawsuit filed last year, the company denied that the lawyers had harassed Al Sadeq or had done anything against him.

Gerrard and Dechert, who have been paying the former attorney’s legal debt, are now facing a two-year defense to high value lawsuits that threaten financial security and damage the reputation of both parties.

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