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Twenty Palestinians killed in Israeli war threats in Gaza | Middle East News


More than a dozen Palestinian civilians have been killed in Israeli war-torn protests around the Gaza Strip, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, after Hamas launched rockets from the coast to Israel.

Gaza’s health ministry told Al Jazeera on Monday that 20 people, including children, had been killed in the violence. At least 65 others were injured.

In the past, Hamas, Gaza authorities, has fired several rockets into Israel, including a group that caused a plane crash far beyond Jerusalem, after hundreds of Palestinians were injured by Israeli soldiers who seized the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which had been seized from Jerusalem Wakum. ‘tomorrow. Hamas had given Israel hope to eliminate Al-Aqsa, the third most holy place in Islam that is also revered by the Jews.

The conflict in Jerusalem has been fueled by the forced evictions of Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah area and by the Israeli army approaching Al-Aqsa on one of the most successful nights in Ramadan.

In Israel, Hamas issues warnings

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned of a final crackdown on Hamas. In a statement, Netanyahu criticized the group for crossing the “red line” with a recent rocket fire and promised a tough response. “Anyone who attacks us will pay a lot of money,” he said.

Israeli forces say a South African citizen was slightly injured when a car was hit by an anti-tank weapon from Gaza.

Abu Obeida, a spokesman for the Hamas army, said the attack on Jerusalem was the answer to what he called “Israeli crimes and violence”. “This is a message that the enemy must understand,” he said.

He posed a number of threats if Israeli forces re-entered the Al-Aqsa Mosque or forced forced Palestinian families into East Jerusalem.

Al-Aqsa Storm

Earlier in the day, Israeli police fired tear gas, stunts and rubber bullets at Palestinian worshipers at the Al-Aqsa mosque.

More than a dozen tear gas and stun grenades crashed into a mosque as police stormed a rally inside the surrounding fence.

More than 300 Palestinian civilians were injured by Israeli military personnel, including 228 who went to hospitals and clinics for treatment, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent. Israeli police say 21 police officers were injured, including three hospitalized. Israeli medical officials say seven Israelis have also been injured.

As a result, in an effort to avoid further controversy, Israeli officials changed their approach to the right wing, the patriotic Israelites through the Muslim Quarter of the Old City to celebrate Jerusalem Day, which celebrates Israel’s capture. East Jerusalem. East Jerusalem is not widely known as part of Israel.

Monday’s clashes erupted just weeks after Israeli forces in the Old City of Jerusalem attacked the Old City against Palestinian protesters, during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

On Saturday, more than 250 people were wounded by Israeli forces after entering Al-Aqsa during the Laylat ul-Qadr, the holiest Islamic night.

Palestinian man helps wounded friend as he attacks Israeli forces at the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem on May 10, 2021 [Ahmad Gharabli/AFP]

Forced eviction

The crisis in East Jerusalem has been exacerbated by the forced evictions of many Palestinians from the Sheikh Jarrah area, where illegal Israeli heirs want to seize property from Palestinian families.

Neighbors and activists in other countries and countries have been attending meetings in recent days to help Palestinian families under threat of deportation.

The Supreme Court of Israel on Monday filed a landmark decision in the case, citing “the situation”.

Border police with Israel and the military attacked the sit-ins using water skunk, tear gas, rubber-covered bullets and grenades. Many Palestinians have been arrested.

Nida Ibrahim of Al Jazeera, who quoted from Ramallah, said “many protests have taken place” through West Bank-sponsored aid.

“We have heard people shouting speeches from the east of Jerusalem and Sheikh Jarrah, calling for freedom, so that the Palestinians are not evicted from their homes.”

Palestinian protesters pray in Sheikh Jarrah’s area [Emmanuel Dunand/AFP]

The United States and the European Union have expressed their deep concern over the unrest in East Jerusalem, and called on Israel to end the crisis and avoid forced evictions. The Arab League in Israel, as well as Turkey, has also criticized Israel for its actions.

In the Six-Day War in 1967 when Israel invaded East Jerusalem, it also took over the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. It later occupied East Jerusalem and saw the whole city as its capital, an idea most people in the world do not realize. Palestinians are looking for all three regions to live in the future, with East Jerusalem as their capital.


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