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Tunisia kicks off week fixed for COVID closure | Coronavirus News Plague


More than 500 people are currently being treated in a critically ill hospital in Tunisia, which has not been seen in North Africa.

Tunisia on Sunday kicked off a week of banning coronaviruses related to the Eid holiday, with hospitals battling to keep out of growing COVID-19 cases.

Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi said on Friday that Tunisia was facing “the worst crisis in its history” and that hospitals were at risk of collapse.

Until next Sunday, mosques, markets and unnecessary shopping areas should be closed, family or cultural gatherings and celebrations are prohibited, and people are not allowed to travel between the states.

The night time starts at 7pm (18:00 GMT) instead of around 10pm, and works until 5am.

Schools have been closed since mid-April.

Shops near Habis Bourguiba Avenue in Tunis and the old city were closed on Sunday, an AFP correspondent reported.

But the videos shared on television seem to reflect the normal situation in several other parts of the country, including people without masks and a lack of respect for social distance.

The holidays of Eid al-Fitr which involve the end of Ramadan are usually with Muslim families and friends gathering.

This year, the holiday is expected to start on Thursday.

Tunisia, with a population of about 12 million, has recorded more than 319,000 cases of coronavirus and 11,350 deaths.

More than 500 people are currently in the intensive care unit, which is not yet known in North Africa.

The country has set up hospitals to deal with the growing number of patients.

It is also struggling to meet its oxygen needs, and has asked for help from neighboring European countries and even neighboring Algeria, which is struggling with its health problems.

The vaccine campaign launched in mid-March, one month later than expected, is moving at a slower pace than expected.

“The number of patients in hospitals has almost doubled in just one month,” said Amen-Allah Messadi, a physician of the scientific team at COVID-19.

He also said that air consumption “increased four or six times”.

“Things are very complicated,” he said.


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