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Unsurprisingly Man, Elon Musk Talked About Dogecoin on SNL


One of the most anticipated and disturbing moments of Tesla’s appearance is SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Saturday Night Live this weekend was possible, and very possible, cite Dogecoin, a meme cryptocurrency that is technologically advanced it has helped swell that high notes. No one can disappoint his loved ones, Musk gave them what they wanted.

Musk, who to be done The global show on Saturday, talked about Dogecoin in the drama “Weekend Update” in which he played the economist Lloyd Ostertag. About the same time, Musk also identified himself as a “Dogefather,” meaning one of his most recent tweets, which is nonsense Author of God. The self-proclaimed Dogefather goes on to explain how cryptocurrensets work and says that, in the near future, currency prices, particularly Dogecoin, are rising.

Weekend Update Anchor Michael Che then pressured Musk to comment on Dogecoin, a question most of us have asked ourselves in recent months. The talented billionaire says Dogecoin started out as a joke based on it online meme, but it is removed in a literal way. Dissatisfied, Che, along with his colleague Colin Jost, has also asked Musk to comment on Dogecoin. And he repeats the question. And again.

After a bit of coming back and forth, Musk finally seems to be breaking Dogecoin in ways that anchors Sabbath translators can understand.

“I’m just telling you, it’s a crypto currency that you can exchange for regular currency,” Musk said.

“Oh, that’s a mess,” said Che.

“Yes, it’s a mess,” Musk admitted.

Despite being a joke, Musk eventually seemed to realize what (real) financial experts have been saying about Dogecoin all this time. (This week, Musk himself said that cryptocurrency promises and warns its followers to be careful). Surprisingly, but don’t worry considering the cryptocurrencies are unstable, Dogecoin was 40% earlier in the week, or lower such as 44 cents according to CNN, after the Dogefather spoke of this SNL.

In addition to referring to Dogecoin, it was possible that Musk was talking about one of his predecessors, Mars, especially considering SpaceX’s recent Starship victory last week. On Wednesday, the company successfully acquired a Starship rocket that it will use to relocate moon travelers to Mars. It’s been this way just an example which did not explode.

In these images, which were recently released, Musk has apparently already built a colony on Red Planet. However, it has been hit by a solar storm, which has affected life-sustaining systems, especially air. Musk oversees a brave but thoughtless colonel named Chad (Pete Davidson) outside the colony to turn on an oxygen-powered machine.

“Chad, I want to make sure you understand that you are not going to survive this project,” Musk said. “To save your friends, you have to be very dedicated.”

“Hm, I’m sick,” Davidson said.

The play also features Miley Cyrus, a guest speaker at the event, and she is preparing for some of the most exciting music ever to be released on air. Chad is doing well at his job but is ending badly.

“Well, I said people would die,” Musk said. Another book to what he has said about going to Mars. I never was. ”


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